(upbeat music) – Hello my friends, welcome to my channel, if you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. We are getting into the heat of summer. So today I wanted to give
you a really fun video that talks all about some really simple and delicious summer side dishes. Now, I don’t know what your plans are for The Fourth of July or
maybe you’re just doing some summer travel, maybe
you’re hosting some parties. Maybe you’re just going to the beach and you wanna bring some
healthy stuff with you. These are great options. So we’re gonna be making
a really delicious, Asian-inspired carrot coleslaw. We’re also gonna be making
some veggie fritters and then we’re also going to make some zucchini noodles with
a garlic sesame sauce. So all three of these are
incredibly easy to make. They taste delicious and
they’re all really healthy. So if you want to try these recipes I have put them up on the blog already. You can find the links down
in the description box, I also wanna pause before we dive in and encourage you to subscribe if you are not yet a
subscriber of this channel. Tap that red button right below this video and that will subscribe you. Otherwise, let’s go
ahead and dive right in. Alrighty, so we’re first going to make the garlic sesame zucchini noodles. The first step is to make the dressing which begins with some tahini as well as some toasted sesame oil, the juice of a lime,
and then we’re finishing with some garlic powder and some sea salt and you can just whisk that together until it begins to thicken up. As it starts to thicken you’re gonna wanna add a touch of water. I like to add about a teaspoon at a time. And I just continually
stir it until it becomes kind of like a pourable consistency. So once you’ve got your dressing you can set that aside
and we’re going to move on to the zucchini noodles. So here is how to spiralize a
zucchini using a spiralizer. This actually isn’t the
machine that I have at home, this is the one that I
have at my parents’ house and I don’t recommend it. It is cheaper than the
one that I do recommend, but the one that I do recommend, which is the Inspiralizer,
is just way better. And you get thinner noodles,
you waste less zucchini, it holds to the counter,
and you can spiralize all types of vegetables. So I will link that down in the description box below for you. But essentially we’re just going to be spiralizing two large zucchinis. One you have them spiralized
you can just add them into a large mixing bowl, and then just simply drizzle the dressing on top, toss it together with some salad tongs and that is how you make
the zucchini noodles. So I hope you guys give this one a try, I definitely recommend letting it sit for a little while to kind
of marinate in those flavors. But I love to serve it
with a little sprinkle of sesame seeds and
it’s just so delicious. (upbeat music) Our second recipe are the veggie fritters. So we’re gonna start by grating our three different vegetables. I like to grate my vegetables
using a food processor because it saves a ton of time. So we’re gonna be grating
up some sweet potatoes, some carrot, and some zucchini. And again again, this
food processor method is gonna save you a ton of time. So I will link the food processor that I have down in the
description box for you. And then once you have
your grated vegetables you can just transfer them
into a large mixing bowl. And we’re gonna add some quinoa flower as well as some salt and some pepper. Give that a stir until those
shredded vegetables are coated in the flour mixture. And then we will add a beaten egg. Now, I haven’t tested this with flax eggs but if you wanna give it a shot go ahead, other people have done
my fritters successfully with flax eggs so, let
me know if it works. And then you’ll just stir it altogether until everything is combined. It’s not gonna feel like it’s gonna stick but at the egg cooks in the frying pan, it’s going to kind of make everything stick together and solidify. So what we’re gonna do is
add some oil into a pan. I like to use avocado oil here And then once it’s hot you can just drop about a patty size, I
mean this recipe makes about eight to nine, so I
would say about a quarter cup maybe of the mixture, drop it into the pan and press it down a little bit to kind of make sure that
everything is sticking together and let them cook until they
are nice and golden brown. It takes about two minutes per side. Flip it over, cook it again,
and that’s pretty much it. Just continue to repeat that process until you’ve used all
of your fritter batter. And these are just so delicious. If you do wanna kind of
reduce the oil a little bit you can just pat them dry
when they come out of the pan, that will take off some of the oil. And then in terms of serving I love to do just a dollop of
Kite hill vegan cream cheese with some fresh herbs on top, so simple, but honestly these are so delicious and they make such a great side dish. I also like to use these sometimes as like an open-faced sandwich topping so I’ll do hummus,
sprouts, tomato, cucumber and enjoy those as is. Our third recipe is our carrot coleslaw, we’re gonna start with
the dressing again here. We’re gonna use some rice wine vinegar as well as some orange
juice, toasted sesame oil, gluten free tamari, as well
as some freshly grated ginger. And you’re gonna just add that all into a jar, pop the lid on the jar and give it a good shake until everything is nice and emulsified and combined. Set that aside and we are going to add our grated carrots
into our bowl, same method as the last thing, using my food processor as well as some thinly-sliced cabbage, some green onions, some cooked
quinoa and some almonds. Pour the dressing on top
and use your salad tongs to just toss everything together until the veggies are nice and coated. And just like the last one
or the zucchini noodles, this definitely gets better
the longer that it sits, it gets more flavorful
so if you can make it the night before or even like in the morning for an afternoon party. Then I recommend doing
that because it will get even more delicious and I love serving it with some fresh cilantro
and a few black sesame seeds ’cause it looks really pretty. But that’s totally optional. So, this is again a really
great, easy, summer side dish that goes with pretty much everything and I think it’s a really fun spin on the classic coleslaw. And there you have it my friends I hope you enjoyed our recipes today. Definitely pop down in the comments and let me know which one
you’re gonna try first. I love the fritters,
I’m just like a huge fan of fritters in general. But the coleslaw is
awesome as a side dish, it’s also delicious on
top of veggie burgers. I have a curried carrot burger that is up on the blog
that I put this on top of, it’s a lot of carrots so it’s really good. And then you can’t go
wrong with zucchini noodles in the summer, they are
literally so easy to make and that garlic sesame sauce is delicious. So make sure to try all three but definitely let me know which one that you are going to try first. And of course, I have put
the recipes up on the blog like I mentioned so you
can find those links down in the description box below. Don’t forget to subscribe
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watching and tuning in. Happy summer, I hope you enjoy whatever your plans are for the summer. I’m obviously gonna still
be here sharing recipes, but since things are kicking off and it’s seems like
everybody’s gettin’ busy with summer stuff, I hope that you are starting the season off right. So again, thanks so much for being here and I’ll see you guys
in the next video, bye. (upbeat music)