– I’m Mia Ridgen. – I’m Jenny Dorsey, and
this is Alt-Baking Bootcamp. Your crash course in healthier baking. (upbeat music) – [Mia] Today we will be
tackling a summer favorite, strawberry shortcake. This is the original recipe,
one that we bought in the store and so we’re going to
try and recreate this without having all this
lactose dairy situation, without refined sugars,
and without refined flours. Do you think we can do it? – Yes, definitely. – Well should we try this first? – Yeah. – This looks like a dairy bomb to me. Anyone who has an issue digesting lactose, which is most of us, is probably not going to feel that great after eating this. – [Jenny] There’s like weird goo on top. It’s kind of soggy. – That’s really soggy. (upbeat music) – I got a whole strawberry
and it wasn’t very sweet. I feel like the strawberries
were probably not very nice. – The cake is really sweet. It tastes like pound cake to me. – Yeah. It kind of looks like pound cake. – Yeah. – And there’s just so
much whipped cream on it. – I know. This is really a lot. I think we can do better. – Mhm. Let’s do it! (upbeat music) – What we’re going to
want to do, is really accentuate the sweetness
of the strawberries which are in peak season right now, and then use high quality ingredients that also have natural flavors and health benefits so that we can have just a more natural
taste to the whole thing. There are three components
to a strawberry shortcake. There’s the shortcake, the
cream, and the strawberries. So we’re going to start off by cutting these strawberries, because we’re going to soak them in lemon juice and we want those to be able to sit for at least
an hour before we eat them. (upbeat music) – I’m going to do a quick demo
of how to cut a strawberry, but of course you can cut
them however you want. What I like to do is
cutting off your stem, you can save these and
make strawberry water so you don’t waste them. – You can also throw them in a smoothie, there’s nothing wrong
with the tops of them. They’re edible. – And you can slice them
in three’s or four’s, depending on how big your strawberry is. And if you want like smaller pieces, you can also go this way. But for our strawberry shortcake, we’ll keep them in horizontal slices. – We’re not going to cut all
these strawberries right now, because we actually already did this. So we’re just going to
mix this with some lemon, and you can also put a little bit of coconut sugar, maybe
a teaspoon or two max, if you want to accentuate the sweetness, but the strawberries right now are so ripe that I don’t think that it needs it. If you can, it’s really important to buy your strawberries organic. Strawberries top EWG’s list of the dirty dozen, which
shows the foods that are most commonly affected by pesticides. We don’t want to eat these pesticides, so if you are able to, buy them organic. This is about a pint and a half of strawberries, or maybe
even close to two pints, so one teaspoon of coconut sugar isn’t going to make them overly sweet and you’re actually not going to be consuming that much of it. It just accentuates the
sweetness a little bit. Now we’re just going to
throw these in the fridge while we make our shortcake
and our whipped cream. (upbeat music) Now we’re on to the shortcake. The base of our beautiful
strawberry shortcakes. Unlike the original recipe
which we tried earlier, we’re actually going to
make individual shortcakes which are pre-portioned, which I feel like helps a little bit when you’re eating desserts because it’s easy to to kind of keep
going back for one more bite. – Yeah that’s me. – We’re going to start
with the wet ingredients and put them in our mixing bowl. So the first ingredient is two eggs, these are organic pasteurized eggs, check out our banana bread recipe if you want to know why we love
organic pasteurized eggs. (eggs clinking) – Just crack them right
into the bowl as usual, – Living on the edge. (egg clinking) And then we have honey. – [Jenny] Honey and eggs
are both great emulsifiers, which help keep this
strawberry shortcake together. – And some vanilla extract. – [Jenny] Vanilla extract is
essentially vanilla bean that have been macerated in some
sort of neutral alcohol. The USDA mandates that is has to be thirty five percent alcohol, but essentially the alcohol burns off pretty quickly in the oven so you’re not going to
get any alcoholic taste, and it doesn’t make the
dough too wet or sticky. – You can also use the
scrapings from a vanilla bean. So we’re going to mix this up. (mixer whirling) And once the eggs starts
to mix with the honey, and the vanilla, we’re going to add our melted ghee. – Melted ghee is clarified butter, so butter that has had
it’s lactose taken out. This is suitable for people
who have lactose intolerances, or you just want a healthier, but butter tasting alternative. – If you don’t want to
use ghee in this recipe, you can substitute this for coconut oil, but the ghee tastes so
good, because let’s face it, butter is delicious. – Either way, you just want to make sure that either your ghee or your coconut oil has been melted, but isn’t hot, so it doesn’t scramble your eggs. – A good way to test, is
to just put a little bit of the ghee in at first and mix it so that the eggs come up
in temperature as well and then slowly mix in
the rest of the ghee in case it’s hot or if you’re worried that it’s going to curdle the eggs. Next, we’re going to mix
together our dry ingredients. So, we have two cups of almond flour, half a cup of coconut flour, half a teaspoon of baking soda, and some sea salt. – Coconut flour and
almond flour we use a lot so make sure to check out our chocolate chip cookie episode to hear more about the flours
and why they’re usable. We love this because this is grain free and it gives it some texture. – [Mia] So now we’re just going
to add our dry ingredients to our egg mixture. We’re going to turn our mixer back on. (mixer whirling) Alright, so the dough is
looking good and mixed. Whenever I’m using a standup mixer, I always want to scrape
the bottom of the bowl just to make sure that
everything is fully incorporated. – Looking good! (upbeat music) – [Mia] Looks great! So we already have our oven preheated to three hundred and fifty degrees, and we lined a baking
sheet with parchment paper. To make our individual shortcakes, we’re going to use an ice cream scoop, just to portion them evenly. Take out one nice sized scoop, and then I kind of just
mold them into a ball using my hands, and then flatten them into a little disk. You could use a cookie
cutter if you wanted to be really precise about this. I kind of like the rustic quality of it. – [Jenny] It’s like nice and soft. – [Mia] Yeah, isn’t it? These should be about half an inch thick. They’re not going to spread
too much when they bake so you don’t have to
worry about having them too close together. Okay now these are ready to go. So we’re going to throw them in the oven for about fifteen minutes, and while Jenny’s over there, she’s going to grab another mixing bowl and a beater that we put in the freezer so that we can make our
coconut whipped cream. (upbeat music)=Alrighty, these are nice and cold. If you don’t have space in your freezer, you can also just give
the bowl and the whisk a nice dunk in some cold water
or ice water if you have. – Coconut whipped cream
has only two ingredients. Organic unsweetened coconut, and vanilla extract. I buy these cans of full fat coconut milk, I look for the organic, non GMO, and unsweetened labels. You also want a can that is BPA free. BPA is a chemical that
you do not want to ingest. So this can of coconut milk has been in the fridge overnight. So what happens, is that the solid fat from the cocounut separates from the coconut water so that we can get all
the delicious cream out. – Essentially coconut milk is one to one coconut meat that’s been mixed with water, homogenized in some sort of way. When you put it in the refrigerator, the lighter fat floats to the top, and you can easily scoop it off. If you don’t want to buy coconut milk and go through the process, you can also buy canned coconut cream, which is four to one in terms of coconut meat to water. However, make sure you’re
not buying cream of coconut, because that’s a totally
different product, it’s essentially sweetened coconut cream and you can’t substitute it for any of these recipes we’re making. – So I’m going to scoop the cream, you can see it right here, off the top of this can of coconut milk, and then I’m going to
put a little bit of that coconut water in there just
to loosen things up a little. If you like your coconut cream denser, you don’t have to do this, but it’s just a personal
preference of mine. You can see it’s really thick. – And this again, is why it’s important that your bowl and your whisk is cold, so you don’t warm up the
coconut fat too quickly. – And the coconut water down here, you can see it’s really separated, you can put this in smoothies, you can drink it like
you would coconut water, but we’re going to put
a little bit of this coconut water in with the cream, just so we get a fluffier consistency to our whipped cream. (upbeat music) So now we’re just going
to whip this for a minute. (mixer whirling) and slowly add in some vanilla extract. So I’m going to give this a quick scrape, and then just whip it for a second longer. – [Jenny] It’s so thick! – [Mia] Yeah, really good. (blender whirling) Alright, I think it’s ready to go. – Can you keep this in the fridge? – Yup, you can keep this in
the fridge for about a week. So good! -So good. And so easy! – [Mia] Can you believe
it has no sugar in it? – [Jenny] It’s crazy. (upbeat music) – So, our shortcakes have
cooked and are cooled, and now we’re ready to assemble
our strawberry shortcakes! So who do you think
could make a nicer one? – It’s on. Oh okay. I see. I see what’s happening. – [Mia] Okay. – [Jenny] Alright. – [Mia] If anyone, I messed mine up. – I think it looks great! (laughter) – You know what I was trying to do. It didn’t work. (laughter) – You can start over if you want. – Okay, let me just
clean this a little bit. (laughter) I just like to pile the strawberries on. I don’t know if I like this competition. So Jenny’s looks gourmet, mine’s going for more of the rustic vibe, but we’re going to finish it off, whenever Jenny’s done plating hers, – I’ll try – with a little sprig of mint. – And this is a great way to keep herbs fresh in the refrigerator,
and a little bit of water. Look at my tiny sprig of mint! – I go for like the big. – Yeah. (upbeat music) – Okay, whose is prettier? I think yours looks really pretty. – Aw thanks, I think yours is fine. – I really like coconut whipped cream, can you tell? Alright, let’s dig in. – My favorite part. – The shortcake definitely
has a cakey feel to it. – Yeah and it’s not so like, drenched in the strawberry. – And it’s not like a cookie, it’s definitely feels a
little bit like a cake. (moans) – The strawberry itself is so sweet, and it’s got a little bit
of tang from the lemon, which is really nice. It kind of breaks up the flavor. – I have to say, it really retains the texture and the spirit of the original one, but you can really taste the strawberries, I feel like the mint
gives it some freshness, the coconut whipped cream is delicious, and it doesn’t have that
abrasive sweet quality. – This is so nice because
you can make it ahead, keep everything separate, and essentially have a
gourmet dessert ready when people come over or go picnic. – Awesome for the Fourth of July, or any other holidays. – And if strawberries aren’t in season, you can also use a different fruit, like peaches or stone fruit. I think I’ll be making
this all summer long. – I’m right there with you. I’m Mia Ridgen. – I’m Jenny Dorsey. – And this is Alt-Baking Bootcamp! – Thanks for watching. – See you next time. (upbeat music)