so I’m back with another healthy snacks
video these ones are super easy to make I want to show you guys that snacks
don’t have to be like super elaborate or fancy to be healthy they’re all really
quick easy and delicious if you’re new don’t forget to subscribe and let’s go
make some healthy snacks so the first snack we’re making is this berry Bowl
and if you follow me on instagram you’ve definitely seen this this is one of my
favorite snacks right now so I take a bunch of blueberries into that I add a
big heaping tablespoon of almond butter we have lots of fiber from the
blueberries some sweetness and then some healthy fats from the almond butter and
then on top for a little bit of crunch because I love crunch I add some cacao
nibs which are really high in antioxidants that give you that
chocolate flavor that little bit of crunch and with the blueberries and the
almond butter it tastes delicious next up or making almond butter cookies
this is a quick three ingredient cookie recipe that tastes really yummy so I’m
using almond butter if you have a nut allergy you can definitely do this with
either sunflower seed butter or pumpkin seed butter or if you don’t want to use
almond butter any cashew butter any nut or seed butter will really work perfect
here adding in a little bit of coconut sugar for a touch of sweetness and then
an egg which is gonna help bind everything together if you’re vegan you
can probably do a flax egg though I haven’t tried it but as long as you
leave the flax egg to really gel up for about 10-15 minutes it should hold
together in these cookies so just fold everything together and then take a
tablespoon and scoop out about a golf ball size of your cookie and I’m placing
that on a silicone baking mat and what I love about this is that it’s only three
ingredients it’s a super simple cookie but guys it’s a delicious cookie I
brought some of these to my friend’s house
to try and she loved them so they are super tasty and then you should have to
bake them at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes and to finish them off I put a
little bit of seesaw on the top which would be the fourth ingredient but I
just really like a little bit of sea salt with my sweet and they’re just
really delicious cookie you guys next up we’re making this cucumber berry salad
which is a great way to not only hydrate and get some veggies in so I’m slicing
up some cucumber and like I said cucumber is super hydrating so it’s
really good for your body and it has lots of water in it so it’s really going
to help with your skin and all of that so slice that up until you get little
chunks and then to that I am going to be adding in some strawberries strawberries
are so good for you they’re high in vitamin C lots of antioxidants but they
are something that you do want to try to buy organic because they are the most
dirtiest produce between all fruits and vegetables they found 18 different
pesticides on them so if I could encourage you guys to buy one thing
organic it would definitely be strawberries strawberries and the
cucumber really work well together here but you could definitely switch it up
for any other type of berry too I’ll just slice that up and what I like about
this is that it’s a very filling snack because the water from the cucumber
super hydrating and then we have the strawberries so I’m putting that into a
bowl and then to that I’m going to be adding on some hemp arts hemp hearts are
great because they are loaded with omega-3s they’ve got protein fat and
fiber so all of this really works well together to make it a nice filling snack
on its own it may not be as filling but when we add in the healthy fats from the
hemp arts it makes it more of a filling snack and you get all of those added
benefits and then we’re making the super simple tomato pesto toast so I really
like to keep sweet potato toast on hand in either the fridge or the freezer and
then you can either put it in the oven or what I do is I just pop it in the
toaster like regular toast and I’m adding on some pesto here that’s just
like a dairy-free pesto you could do any kind of spread here though to be honest
you could do a paleo hummus you could do whatever you want but I really like the
combo of pesto and tomato it’s kind of like very summery but also Italian lobe
out on the top and it came together in like five seconds okay guys I’m going to
leave my healthy snacks playlist right here with tons more ideas that are all
super easy delicious and of course nutritious I
hope you guys are all having a great day and I will see you in my next video bye