everyone and welcome back to my channel
and welcome to new video my name is Liv and if you haven’t seen me before I make
lots of healthy recipes on this channel and health tips to make sure you hit
that red subscribe button today’s video is extra exciting because
it is an in collaboration with vital proteins you guys know how much I have
loved vital proteins for years now I use it every day you’ve seen me
putting it in my coffee on Instagram all the time I put it and pretty much
everything it is so versatile so if you guys haven’t seen it before
this is the blue tub I use a lot of the time it dissolves instantly in any kind
of dish so whether you’re putting in hot or in cold it’s great and it also comes
in travel packs which is so useful I put them in my school bag and I have it and
to go it’s great and then they also have the beef gelatin which I like to use if
I want my recipe to thicken a bit so this is good for soups stews puddings
and making gummy candy the great thing about collagen is it’s good for so many
different things in your body it’s great for glowing skin it’s great for your
joints for your bones for your gut your digestion and it also helps give you a
better sleep which is pretty crazy and kind of why I use it every single day so
in today’s video I’m showing you guys some great healthy recipes that you can
throw this into and boost your protein and boost the nutrient profile of your
snack so let’s go ahead and get started so the first thing we’re making are
these delicious collagen nut clusters I’m starting off with some sliced
almonds as well as whole almonds and pumpkin seeds and some coconut flakes
and you can use whatever kind of combos of nuts and seeds that you like I’m
adding in some of ground flax to give us a source of fiber which is also going to
help keep us full along with eight pinch of sea salt is so delicious and it just
brings out the sweetness then I’m adding in the vital proteins collagen peptides
so this is a blue tub it’s great for your hair your skin your nails your
joints and your digestion because it helps to rebuild that lining in your
digestion which is key for gut health and as you guys know I’m all about good
health you stir that up and then I’m adding in the maple syrup which is just
going to help everything bind together and make it into the little cluster
forms I’m using a little mini muffin cake pan but you can also just put them
in individual clusters on a baking sheet I just thought this was really easy cuz
then they’re all kind of the same size and it all fits in there you do want to
make sure though that you spray your tin first before you pop these in so that
they pop out when they’re done and they’re golden and delicious they’ve
stuck together and then they’re gonna be good to go next up is some beet hummus
which I am loving right now I’ve been putting this on everything I’m starting
off with some chickpeas and adding in a couple beets then I’m adding in some
tahini which is just ground sesame seeds it’s so yummy and it really makes this
hummus recipe I’m adding in a squeeze of half of a lemon the lemons really add
some nice freshness to it as well I love it in this recipe and then I’m adding in
a little bit of olive oil about two tablespoons just to make it really
smooth as well as some sea salt then I’m gonna be adding in my vital proteins
collagen peptides I love it because it just adds protein so it adds a little
bit more protein to your hummus or to whatever you’re putting into it you
blend it up and then you can have it with crackers with veggies but I love
the added boost that it gives plus it’s healing your gut so it’s win-win and
lastly we’re making at least cacao pudding pops so I’m starting with the
thick part of the coconut cream from a can
some good healthy fats along with some almond milk and I’m going to whisk that
together until they’re combined and smooth and then I’m adding in the cacao
powder and this is raw which is great because it preserves all the
antioxidants and all the benefits of the cacao in it whisk that together and then
I’m going to be adding in the gelatin so the viral proteins gelatin is the green
tub and I like this one in this recipe because it really helps to thicken these
pudding pops and then when you take them out of the freezer they don’t melt they
kind of just stay as a pudding pop so it’s great if you eat it slowly or you
have kids or anything like that so I love it for thickening things and making
things like gummies as well soups it’s also great for or any kind of frozen to
popsicle as well I’m pouring that into my popsicle mold
and this made about six pops total so if you want to make more you would need to
double or triple the recipe so this made six pops I’m putting it in my mold of
putting in my stick you can use whatever popsicle mold you have at home but I
think this is a really fun treat when you want something chocolaty but you
want something that’s healthy for you too and it’s gonna be good for you all
alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you try out these
recipes they are delicious thanks again to vital proteins to for sponsoring in
this video it is kind of one of my dream collaborators since I use it every
single day I hope you guys are all having a fabulous day and I’ll see you
in my next video bye guys