hey everyone and welcome back and welcome to a new video in today’s video I am going to be making some healthy snack ideas. i would love for you to subscribe its just the red button below that lets me you know when theres a new video if you follow me on instagram i i have giveaways going on there every month and if you go to my instagrams you tell me you’re coming from my channel i will spam you guys like as long as we got on private that love talking to you is you need to watch the comments this way i love being able to interact with you comments below if you like this video I would love for you to give it a thumbs up and let’s get into the video ok so the first smack we’re making our rice cakes in three different ways so I’m starting off with a sprouted a rice cake you can use an original flavor or any kind of flavor you like and I’m spreading at some freshly ground almond butter which has a lower glycemic index in peanut butter and it’s better for you and I’m chopping up hate half a banana and I am just placing that on the top and then I top it with some goji berries which has tons of antioxidants along with some coconut flakes this just tastes really good the second way we’re making it is i’m using some hummus that you can use whatever how much you like I really like this Jerusalem as its herbs and then I’m putting a little bit of shredded carrot on the top it adds a nice crunch in the combo of the care and the hummus goes really well and topping it with some heavier protein and then the last break we’re making is of course is avocado because I love me some healthy fats and some avocado some spreading that on the rice cake and then just topping it with some pomegranate seeds add a little bit of sweetness and a great crunch to it and a little bit of nuts also for some friends and those other rice cakes three ways i think they turned out really good this way you can make one you can make 2-3 and you have different flavors for your snack you can’t decide between healthy and sweet i oftentimes a circle doing so this is how they turned out and they’re delicious the next thing we’re making is some kale guacamole which is basically add some good nutrients to your already Glock so starting off with one cup of kale and i’m putting that into a blender or if you have a food processor that will work as well and then I’m coming in my avocado you want to make sure it is right because then otherwise it won’t blend our case well and then I’m putting that into my blender and just keeping it out and use one full avocado here and then of course i’m going to add in some lime some is rolling it out to get these is going and I’m squeezing half of the lime into my blender which will really help make space in smooth and give it a nice freshness and some pink Himalayan salt because it’s better for you than normal salt and then I’m just blending that up until it’s smooth and i’m putting that on a plate with some carrots with some cucumber and with some pita but you can use whatever you like you can use crackers whatever is actually prefer but i think this makes a great snack and you get some added nutrients with the kale and the walk but it still tastes really good and you got healthy fast that will also help keep you fall and the last one are these raspberry blows balls which are perfect for taking on the go as well and i love their pink color so starting off with one cup of oats and I’m using organic quick oats and then I’m adding in half a cup of frozen raspberries but you could also use fresh ones as well and one third of a cup of coconut and putting that in and its undefeated coconuts and make sure you get unsweetened along with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and then I just blend that up until it is smooth dough form and then I just make a little balls with my hands that are like about a tablespoon and there you go those are your browser a bless balls i love the pink color plus 80 so good and fresh with the fruit and a coconut I think they turned out so perfect ok guys i hope you enjoyed that video and I hope things that looks yummy you can’t they look amazing together we could be if you make something don’t forget to tag me on Twitter or Instagram or wear something like that and i hope you guys all have a fabulous day and I will see you in my next video bye guys