[music] Hi I’m Jamie Eason and today I’m in
the bodybuilding.com kitchen, to show you how I make
my Three Bean Chili. It’s a one-pot dish, super easy
to make and it comes together fairly quickly. I’ve already started and in
this large pot I’ve added some onions, diced onions. I did about a whole cup but
you–the recipe calls for a 1/2 cup. I just really like onions
and then I did 2 pounds of extra lean turkey and about
a tablespoon of garlic. So I’ve already browned it. I drained off any excess fat and
I’m ready to add the rest of my ingredients. To the turkey, I’m going to
add some diced green chilies. These come in a can and
I chose two 4-ounce cans. You can use one if you’d like
but I actually like the flavor of these. They’re just only
slightly spicy. They’ve got hot
and they’ve got mild. I chose mild. I’m just gonna add those in. Give it a little
stir in between. And then we’ll add the beans. Now I call it my Tri-Bean or my
Three Bean Chili because there’s three different types of beans. There is an organic canned
bean that comes with pinto, kidney and black beans and
you’ll notice on the cans if you buy the organic version,
really it’s nothing more than just beans and salt. Just make sure if you choose
the canned and you’re watching your salt that you choose
the lowest sodium variety. So I’m gonna add these and since
I really like black beans I actually did an extra
can of the black beans. So again, I’ll give
that a little stir. And then to that I’m gonna add
really the base of our chili which is diced–organic
diced tomatoes. There’s different versions, some
of them already have spices in them like oregano,
different things like that. Choose whatever you’d like. These are just plain and simple
’cause I’m gonna add a lot of spice so it’s up to you. These–this is two 14–I think
they’re 14-1/2-ounce cans so I’m gonna add those. And that’s your liquid. There’s not a whole lot. This chili’s pretty versatile. You can make it really thick,
which is what I like to do. I think in Texas, ours is a
little bit more thick and hearty but in some places people add
things like broth to actually make them a little more soupy
so it’s totally up to you. And by the way, I drained
the liquid from the beans. I don’t like to do the added
starch but from the tomatoes I didn’t drain the liquid because
I actually want the liquid in there to sort of beef
it up a little bit. So to that I’m gonna
add some spices. I’ve got–this might seem a
little odd but this is actually Xylitol and it’s a sweetener. I like my chili. There’s a lot of acid,
there’s a lot of heaviness. I’m gonna add some mustard and
different things like that so this kind of balances
out the flavor. Most typical chilies will use a
brown sugar and there is a brown sugar variety that actually
that’s what I’d love to use right now but I only have this
on hand so you can leave out the sweetener if you want. You can use the Xylitol brown
sugar blend or you can just use the straight Xylitol. This is a tablespoon. Sprinkle that in. Then I’m gonna add some cumin. Cumin is a smoky flavor. It pretty much–it gives flavor
to a lot of things like chili, Mexican dishes,
things like that. This is a teaspoon. Add that in. Got a little bit of salt. That’s about a 1/2
teaspoon to a teaspoon, just whatever you prefer. And this might seem a little
odd but this is actually 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. You can use rice vinegar, you
can use any kind of vinegar that you want. Again, if you think about like
a tomato sauce or a barbecue sauce, usually there’s either
more vinegar or more tomato depending on what flavors you
like so I’m just gonna add a little bit ’cause I like my
dishes a little more tomato based. And then I’m gonna
add some chili powder. Of course, you can’t have
chili without chili powder. So that’s a tablespoon
of chili powder. The more you add of that,
the more spicy your dish will actually be. And then my final and sort of
odd ingredient for chili would be the mustard. I’m doing 3 tablespoons of just
your regular yellow mustard. So get all that in there. And I’ve got one lonely spice
left but I’m gonna wait ’til the very end to add that one because
I don’t want it to lose too much flavor and that’s cilantro and
a lot of times something like cilantro, if you put it in too
soon, it just kills the flavor, you don’t taste much of it so. Mix this up. Get that mustard
all mixed in there. And if it’s too thick for you,
if you’d prefer it to not be quite as thick as this, just
add another can of tomatoes or again, you can add the chicken
broth, whatever you’d like. So that’s about it. It’ll actually get a little
bit more liquid as it simmers. So I’ve had it on low. I’m gonna crank up the
heat just a tiny bit. Put a lid on it. In about 10 minutes,
I’ll actually come back, add my cilantro and that’s it. That’s how easy it is. Okay. It’s been 10 minutes so
I’m gonna check the chili. I brought it up to a boil and
then I reduced the heat and I let it simmer for
about 10 minutes. It’s looking good. Give it a little stir real quick
and then one last ingredient. This is my final ingredient
is the cilantro and I only add about a tablespoon. You can do fresh cilantro which
actually is probably better but I had this on hand so this
is what I’m gonna use. Sprinkle it in. Give it another stir. And really that doesn’t
have to cook in too much. The longer it cooks, the more
the cilantro will kind of lose its flavor so I don’t let it
sit too much longer after that before serving it. So it looks ready. It smells really good. Got my bowl ready. Now you can choose to put this
on top of something like brown rice. You can put it on
spaghetti squash. You can eat it alone. Remember that beans do have
quite a bit of carbs in them. It’s about 24 grams of carbs
in a cup of beans and probably about 8 grams of protein. So you get a little
bit of protein but not a considerable amount. So I don’t add too
much starch to this. This recipe is really adaptable
for you vegetarians out there. You can actually leave
out the meat and just add lots more veggies. Just start by, instead of
sautéing the meat and onions, you want to sauté all your
veggies to sort of soften them a bit and then add all
the same ingredients. So that’s about it. You can add cheese if you want
to but most of us are, you know, on a strict plan so
don’t add too much. For this recipe, check the link
below and for more recipes and articles from me, check
out bodybuilding.com. [music]