Welcome to “Nicole’s Happy
Minutes,” with TriBalance.com. I’m Nicole, and I’m a NASM
certified personal trainer for Life Time Fitness in
the Chicago land area. I hold my CISSN in
sports nutrition, and I’m a bodybuilding.com
sponsored athlete. I travel the world inspiring and
educating others on health and fitness. So, if you know a little bit
about my story, I have a lot of food allergies. So in meal planning with my
clients and even myself, I’ve had to go outside the box and
try new foods because of my food allergies. So today I’m gonna share
with you my rosemary balsamic chicken. A couple of the ingredients I
have, very simple: rosemary, white pepper, sea salt–you
don’t want white table salt, it’s denatured,
unrefined–balsamic vinegar, you choose. Now, a lot of people cook with
olive oil, and I don’t know if you realize but it’s not
meant for high-heat cooking. It actually gets rancid. So you can pick really any oil
of your choice, or just water. I’m actually gonna throw some
water in here with the chicken, as well. But I opted for safflower oil,
and it’s for high-heat cooking. You could do an avocado oil,
you could do an almond oil, you could do a coconut oil. Any of that oil
would be great for this. And I have chicken breasts,
I’ve already–boneless, skinless chicken breasts–I’ve
already trimmed the fat. So I’m go ahead,
I’m gonna start. I have my stainless steel pan,
which I personally love because it just really gives
you a robust flavor. So I’m gonna start
putting some of the water in. It’s kind of like Benihana. And then I’m gonna
add in the chicken. So I talk about in my other
videos quality of food is so important. Your food is your medicine. And food has the power to kill,
but it also has the power to heal. So you wanna be careful
about, you know, the meats, the poultry, the fish
that you’re getting. You wanna make sure that it is
antibiotic- and hormone-free. And you’re only gonna
find that at certain places. So I’m gonna add in probably
about a 1/4 of a cup of oil. And again, if you wanna
add more, you can add more. So now that–add a
little bit more. Okay, now I’m actually gonna
move to the balsamic vinegar. I love this stuff. And it actually kind of
caramelizes here, gets a little bit syrupy-like. And so I do a little bit more. I’m gonna go with
about 1/3 of a cup. So again, with me, a lot of it
isn’t–I’m not always measuring. And with my clients, I’m
not into calorie counting. It’s about quality,
quality, quality. Again, what are you
putting in your body? Are you taking
care of your body? Are you putting
crap in your body? Do you feel like crap? Well, think about what you’re
putting in your body day-in and day-out. So, again, I did about 1/3
of a cup, a little bit more. And then I’m gonna use my pink
sea salt because it doesn’t have refined sugars, it doesn’t
have aluminum, it doesn’t have hydroxide in it,
it’s not denatured. You can do black pepper, but
I think white pepper, played around a little bit, tastes
good with chicken or turkey. Any of your poultry. I love spices. I kind of overdo it,
but again, that’s me. So give me a second here;
I didn’t open this one up. And again, if you wanna add in
garlic, that’s another great one. However, I’m allergic to garlic,
so that’s why I don’t have it in here. But garlic is another great
spice that you can add in to this chicken dish. Then again, I like my rosemary
strong, so I put quite a bit on there. Comes out pretty slow. And again, this
cooks up pretty quick. You can put a cover on it. I don’t have a cover for this
pan, actually, but if you’ve got a cover that’s gonna actually
help steam it, it’s gonna help cook a lot quicker. So I’m getting my
kitchen work out in here. So we’re gonna let it cook
probably about 15 minutes, maybe a little bit more. I’m gonna put this over just
to kind of help, again, cook a little quicker. And then we’ll come back to
that in just a little bit. Okay, so now this is cooking. I flipped it, I’m gonna add a
little more rosemary to the other side. It’s almost done. So again, you can butterfly your
chicken, and then it’s gonna cook even quicker. Again, I know everybody’s
pressed for time and you want those convenience foods. But again, convenience
foods equals sickness. So quicker, fast food
drive-thrus–go right past that drive-thru. So again, it’s all about getting
some confidence in the kitchen, learning to cook. I’ve had, you know, to force
myself to learn to cook with my health. And I’ve enjoyed it. And I enjoy making great
food for other people. So it’s almost done here. And if you were here, you could
smell it ’cause it smells really good. So again, it takes about 15, 20
minutes, again, depending on if it’s butterflied or not. We’re gonna let it go just a
little bit longer, and then we can dig in. So these should
be done about now. Gonna actually take this one
out so you can kind of see it. Oh, it’s nice and caramelized. Again, it smells so good. The house smells great. So there is your
rosemary balsamic chicken. Very simple to make,
takes about 15, 20 minutes, and so good for you. So enjoy.