Hi, I’m Monica Ward
and I am going to show you today how to make a delicious quinoa salad that came from the founder of Karma Chow
Missy Costello. Back in the day, you used to be able to go and she would do these amazing cooking classes; she may be still be doing them, you should
check her website – karmachow.com to see what she has or where she is cooking.
She really is an amazing vegan chef. And so, the quinoa (???) salad,
it’s a very summer salad with the light vinaigrette. So you’re gonna need quinoa, black beans,
canned are OK, a mango, a red pepper, some cilantro and if you want, you can put in onion,
I’m not gonna put the onion today I’ll be back to show you how to mix the ingredients
and how to make the dressing. O.K. We’re back. Thank you for your patience.
While you were gone I cooked the quinoa, I chopped the red pepper, the mango,
and I know I told you I wasn’t gonna put any onion in, but I totally cut up some red onion.
So, one of the things that I’ve noticed about cooking quinoa is that it doesn’t ever seem to finish cooking. And it leaves like a water.
You know, a water base at the bottom of the pan. So, the thing is just let it sit covered for a while and that water gets absorbed into the quinoa and then it becomes nice and light and fluffy.
Quinoa is such a delicious base. I’m so happy that Missy Costello introduced me to it, cause it really is delicious. So, I’m just gonna add, and I did do a can of beans
for convenience. This salad, we’re making it for our little local concert in the park series, to go hang with the bunch of friends. It’s one bell pepper
and the most, the majority of a bunch of cilantro and you can do cilantro to taste;
I like a lot of cilantro. This is one mango and it was about to be done. Sometimes you can even buy and find chopped mango at your local grocery store for added convenience and even find chopped red pepper. So, it’s totally up to you, how fast you wanna make this. And, then you just stir it up and then, add a really easy vinaigrette. Just to keep it real simple I have my little table spoon measurer and I’m gonna add a table spoon of olive oil and a table spoon of unfiltered apple cider vinaigrette. And then, you can always do salt and pepper to taste. And, this is delicious cause it will mix in and the quinoa will take on a lot of these flavors, it’s really savory and it’s a great side, a healthier side to some of the other things you might find on a table of a potluck. And that is, this quinoa summer salad, that is inspired by Missy Costello from karmachow.com. Thank you.