What’s up, Bodybuilding com. It’s Kris Gethin here again. Welcome to my kitchen. So what I’m cooking for you now
today is spaghetti Bolognese. I’ve just cooked the spaghetti
here, reason being, I’ve only got two hotplates so I can
actually do the vegetables. So here I’ve got the minced beef
and here I’ve got tomatoes and mushrooms that are
being cooked right now. So what I’m gonna add to this
beef, I started cooking it and it was cooking a little
too quick so I stopped it. I’ll put it back on again. I’m gonna add some taco
seasoning spice mix to this to give it a bit of a kick. There’s some nice
flavor to that. When we cook this, it’s an extra
lean beef and I don’t bother adding any fat, any olive oil
to that just to keep it as lean as possible. Just, you know, obviously use
a nonstick pan to stop it from sticking and you won’t
need to add any fat to that. And then once we’ve mixed this
powder in a little bit, I like to add a tomato-based like
basil to the sauce here. So tomato and basil here. When you go for tomato and
basil, it’s generally low sugar, low fat so you can add a little
bit of that in to make sure, you know,
the beef isn’t so dry. And just keep mixing the
mushrooms and tomatoes that we’ve got here as well. I’ve got a little bit of
garlic in here too, again, for a little bit more flavor. The pasta that I’m using, or
the spaghetti, is whole meal so we got, you know, a low
GI flow of carbohydrates going into the system. I like using this as like a
good like pre-workout meal. About an hour and a half before
I work out, I like to get my red meat in through here. All right, so
that’s mixed in now. We’ll add the tomato
and basil in there. You’re probably picking a lot of
flaws through my cooking here. I’m not Gordon
Ramsay by any means. I’m not too
creative in the kitchen. I eat pretty bland, but
this is one of my favorites. So once we mix that–and you can
add a little bit more in there, just so it isn’t dry. Then we’re gonna add in pretty
much everything, the tomatoes, the mushrooms and, obviously,
put the spaghetti on the plate and add to that. And if you’ve got some, you
know, low-fat cheese that you want to sprinkle on
as well, by all means, you can put that in as well. This isn’t something that
I would generally eat on a transformation, but the rest of
the time, it’s absolutely fine. It’s a good healthy option to
have at home as opposed to the one that you’d have out
that’d be covered in olive oil. So with the amount that I’ve got
here, I added a couple hundred grams of beef so that gives me
anywhere, you know, around, you know, 60, 70 grams
of protein in there. And, you know, you can add
as many tomatoes or mushrooms and vegetables as you want. And, you know, I’ve got like
two cups of spaghetti there so, again, depending on what part
of your diet that you’re on–if you’re on, you know, a low-fat
diet or, you know, you’re trying to pull back your carbohydrates
or increase, depending if you want to put on weight,
lower weight, you can add. Or, you know, sometimes if
I’m dieting down and it’s a late-night meal, instead of
having the spaghetti, I’ll just have lettuce and I’ll just put
everything in a lettuce wrap and just eat it
kind of like a taco. But instead of having a taco,
obviously lettuce wraps are not that many
carbs at night. You can do that as well. So this is pretty
much done here. I’m gonna throw this
spaghetti on here. Spread that to the
outside of the plate. And then this is a small
pan that I’ve got here. I’m gonna add, the veggies in. And I’ll just let that cook just
for a few minutes and just let the sauce from the beef and the
taco seasoning just mix in with the veggies. If you want to add a little
bit more garlic or some certain lemon or more basil or whatever,
you just do that to your taste. This, in total, should
take about 10 or 15 minutes. It took me a little bit
longer because I have a primitive-looking
cooker here. It’s only got a
couple of hotplates. So it probably took me
about 20, 25 minutes, which is a little bit longer
than I want to spend in a kitchen, to be honest with you. Okay, I think that’s
pretty much done there. So as you can see, there’s a lot
of food there but, you know, if you have this a good couple
of hours before your work out, it will fuel you up. Depending how fast you digest
it, you know, is all dependent on how much you
add to your food. Like I digest pretty quick
so I’ll add plenty of it. But, you know, you just
add or take away as little or as much as you want. So let me just throw about
half on here so you can see what it looks like. Whoops, it’s quite
a small plate. Voila, here you go. Your lean spaghetti Bolognese.