Hi! My name is Monica Ward and
I am a co-founder of the FitClub network. I`m so excited to come to you for the new series. Hopefully, it doesn’t come across as a super rebellious series or a protest, but I can’t help, but strolling through the isle of the farmers market, get inspired by all the delicious salsas and soups that the different merchants sell. And then also, get a little bit sticker-shocked when I have to go up to pay for something as little as this. This is… I took the label off so as to not point a finger at the culprit. But this little jar ended up costing me
eight dollars. And let me tell you, it was eight dollars of heaven. However, I came home and thought to myself, ‘ I’m very curious to see, if I just took the same ingredients and made it at home, how many of these little jars I could produce with the same eight-dollar budget’. So, an example…Another example is, I just went to Whole Foods’ and got my favorite cabbage salad. Again, this thing, this cabbage salad, it’s
very simple, it’s like carrots, red onions and red cabbage. Very, very simple ingredients and it is almost $4 for this salad. I can
guarantee you that a carrot and a red cabbage wouldn’t even come close. And a lot of times they slice the red cabbage in half for you at the grocery store. So, as you embark on healthier eating in 2013, I cannot emphasize enough, to take the time to prep some great ingredients in advance. Some toppings today, I’m making a home made pico de gallo. This is something that Dave and I absolutely love to put it on top of our eggs, we like to eat it with dinner at night We like to put it on top of any kind of lean
protein, particularly our fish and our chicken. and we even like to use it as a salad dressing. So it gives it that, like, tangy kick with the lime, and a little clove of garlic minced in and the cilantro… but it also gives you a little bit of… just crunchiness with the onions and the tomatoes and and then obviously the heat from the jalapeño. So, I just want to show you one other thing that is my secret weapon. I did not make this up. I learned this from
one of my students back when I was teaching school. Their parents, they taught me how to make a really delicious base for salsa. You boil the…you know, you boil a couple of tomatoes and a jalapeño inside and then you can transport the peeled off, it already, the skin is falling off of the
tomato, you can peel that off, you can put it in the
food processor or in your Vitamix or any kind of blender. Purée that, purée
that with the jalapeño. It will have softened a lot and it will form a nice liquid base full of flavor. And literally, that base is also a delicious topping that costs all of ¢63 to a dollar. So, it’s super affordable. And the more seeds you leave in there from the jalapeño, the more heat you’re gonna have in you salsa. So, chop it all up and have fun. In your rebellion, like me, avoiding the eight dollar charge for something that you could make for four or five of these. Give them to your friends, you’ll be super
popular. Thank you.