Hi! I’m Nili Nathan with Expert Village
and I’m standing here with Lisa LaBar, hey Lisa, hello, who is a certified nutritionist
and this episode is cooking with kids’ part of my health cooking series and Lisa’s going
to be showing us how to make some yummy meals that kids will like. Exactly, exactly things
that are nutritious that they’ll enjoy and basically everybody the whole family can enjoy
also. What’s the first thing that we’re going to make? Well the first thing we’re
making today is Enchi cha cha ladas fun little name it gets kids ripped up for a nice nutritious
meal and actually I really kind of cheated a little bit but as you can see right here
I’ve just browned up some ground turkey grilled up I should say some ground turkey,
add a little bit of Mexican spice not too much kids don’t like things too spicy and
then I also grilled up some vegetables, that’s green peppers and onions, you got it and you
can add zucchini or anything else that you want. Lot’s of kids don’t like vegetables
so we’re going to go ahead and grind this kind of like finely chopped into maybe a very
light puray not to mention you don’t want to get it soupy cause then it makes the enchiladas
all soupy and icky. So just like a couple of seconds? Yeah if we can just do it for
a couple of seconds just to see how that works let’s check it out, that should be good
right? That’s done? That should be done, nice and easy if we can take a look at that
I can show you basically what it looks like…now if you get that pretty finely chopped you
can even do a little bit more if you like depending on the ick factor of your kids.
The reason why we’re doing that is we’re able to add some nice vegetables to the meal
or the kids can actually enjoy it and not feel like they’re getting icky vegetables.
Alright stay tuned for the next step.