Hey, Nili Nathan and Lisa LeBar at Expert
Village and we are about to pour the waffle batter into the waffle maker. So our nice
nutritious batter and as you can hear our waffle iron is definitely ready it’s beeping
and it’s nice and hot, we already pre-oiled it so it comes off really easy it doesn’t
stick. So make sure that you just get the waffle batter just pour right in the center
and it’ll naturally obviously spread out on its own…you have to have a waffle maker
right you know there’s no other substitute? Not really you have to have a waffle maker
it just works better you can have the kind that goes on the stove if you’d like to
and that’s a hand held kind or you can just have the easy electric one I like to make
things nice and simple and this is much better. So you just let that go once it beeps it’s
ready and of course we have our finished product cause we cheated so we can have something
to show you. Nice crispy, slightly brown so it’s perfectly done and it’s owey gooey
and best of all completely nutritious for you and your family and the kids will love