Hi! Nili Nathan and Lisa LeBar with Expert
Village and we’re doing a healthy cooking show for kids. Lisa what is this next thing
you’re doing a horse sea waffle? It’s horse sea oats waffle, it’s got lots of
nutritious oats, it’s only made with oats which is fabulous, we’re making it with
coconut oil which is actually a better oil to use instead of lard, why is that, it’s
just much more nutritious I should put it around so everyone can see, it’s just more
nutritious it’s kind of antibacterial, it’s a good fat, it is a saturated fat but they’re
finding more and more it really helps with brain development, health and good skin. This
is saturated fat but it’s a good saturated fat? Yes it’s a mono type fat, it’s called
a mono of course there’s more to it but I always like to keep it nice and small for
people, so just think when it’s mono its good and it actually helps increase energy.
We also have some almond mill and a little bit of cinnamon and nutmeg to add a little
flavor, some maple syrup which is a nice good sugar to use, some milk and a little vanilla
abstract and then we’re using some aurora root, aurora root bines nicely for things
keeps everything stuck together really well but its really not a flower or anything like
that, it’s actually more of a vegetable, it’s a starch kind of like tapioca. And
then we’re going to have some two eggs and of course we have the good eggs with the nice
dark yoke that has a lot more vitamins in it and that’s really good for brain development
especially in your children cause they’re growing they do need fat, fat salable vitamins
and omega 3 fats are definitely the best. Alright so the first step is to melt the coconut
oil, we just melt the coconut oil we just need a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil
you don’t have to have your coconut oil refrigerated you can leave it out in the cub
board, this one was refrigerated for a little while I did take it out prior but not long
enough so you can see it’s a little bit more kind of glopy but it melts really, really
well and really, really fast so just keep on low make sure not to have your oil too
hot or even that hot at all, we want to make sure it’s almost room temperature so this
way when we mix in with the ingredients it doesn’t scramble the eggs we don’t want
a waffle all eggy tasting or anything like that and kids will definitely not like that
and of course we don’t either.