Alright so we’ve mashed the vegetables,
we’ve added the cheese and some salt we went ahead and mashed them down. Should I
add a more cheese? Well we can actually use the rest of the cheese to top the boats, oh
okay so we’re going to add just a little bit of milk to give a little bit of a moistness.
We’re going to go ahead and mashed that up together, we already add the salt so we’ve
already did the salt, so just make sure that we mash get some milk in there incorporated
quiet well. Alrighty this is a fun part too you can have your kids help you with, yeah
and the kids love that they love the mashing sound and you know how when you were little
you use to love to mix the batter and they can do that so it’s great. And now can I
go scoop it in here? Go ahead and scoop in we’ll just start scooping and filling up
the little potatoes and really these have vegetables in them and because if we were
to grind them up they kind of mashed quiet well into the potato so it has a more smooth
consistency cause kids don’t like things to lumpy. And I noticed we’re using different
color potatoes the darker purple, yeah it just makes it more fun cause you have red,
we have the and are these healthier too these types of potatoes? They have a quiet a bit
more nutrients than just your basic Idaho potato so that’s always nice too and cause
they’re small bites they’re a lot easier and much more fun for the kids to eat cause
little kids you know they always like small things. That’s true baby, mini, exactly,
there we go mini baby potato boats, so go ahead and put these on our baking sheet and
we’ll top them with cheese and we’ll pop them in the oven, the oven like I said is
already preheated at 350 and they don’t even have to go in there for maybe for about
you know 10 minutes just until the cheese melts cause you’ve already cooked the potato.
So pop this in the oven and let it sit bake for about 10 minutes and of course my little
potatoes are rolling all over the place cause they’re so little but not as stable. About
350, about 350 for about 5 to 10 minutes just until the cheese melts so it can kind of heat
through a little bit, so then it’s perfect and we’ll check it out pretty soon to try
it out.