[music] [music] Hi, I’m Christine Avanti,
celebrity nutritionist and chef. Today I’m going to be teaching
you how to make my world-famous 10-minute tacos. But before I get started, I
just want to give you a rundown on what the ingredients are. So very simple, we’re starting
out with some grilled chicken breast, okay? I’m going to be topping my tacos
with some shredded lettuce, some salsa. I’m gonna use a little bit of
black beans and low-fat shredded cheese and just as a side,
I’ve got some brown rice, okay? We also are using
white corn tortillas. I love these guys. I’m gonna garnish with some
fresh lime and some cilantro. Mmm, so good, I love it. And a little bit of
avocado, a right? Are you guys ready? I’m hungry so I’m
gonna get started. All right, so we’re gonna start
with a little bit of olive oil, just a teeny bit, just for some
cooking, get that chicken cooked up. I’ve got my pan on medium high. Just gonna let that
heat up for a second. Every good chef loves to season
with salt and pepper, and I know people are afraid of salt
but I’m not afraid of salt. I eat healthy all the time. I exercise a lot so salt is not
going to kill me or my clients. If you have high blood pressure,
then that’s a different story. So we’ve got some salt in there
always gonna go with the base, fresh-cracked pepper. This chicken breast–see, my
husband seems to like this and guys really like this. This is pre-made, store-bought,
cut up chicken breast. I’m not the hugest fan of that
but if you’re in a hurry, it’s good just to buy chicken
breast already cut up and made. You can buy it at the grocery
store, Trader Joe’s, wherever. So I’m gonna put
my chicken in here. It’s about 4 ounces
of chicken breast. Okay. That’s 4 ounces. Let me wash my
hand really quick. I’m sorry, guys, but you
can’t cross contaminate. Sorry. So when you touch meat, you
always want to wash your hands with hot, soapy water because
cross contamination can be a problem in the kitchen. I’m gonna season. Instead of using the packet of
taco seasoning that’s high in sodium and preservatives, I’m
gonna use some fresh spices, just a little bit of
paprika, just sprinkling. You don’t have to get
out a measuring spoon. This is some chili powder and
it’s gonna start to smoke, which I love. Some cayenne pepper, some
crushed red pepper and a little bit of cumin. Cumin is a spice that you will
see a lot in Spanish and Latin cooking. We’re smoking, whoo, hoo, hoo. Okay. Literally because this is
pre-made chicken breast, I’m just gonna look it for just like
a minute, just to get the spices on it. And also when you heat a spice,
that lets the flavor release so kind of fun, kind of cool. Smells good. And I think that this chicken
breast looks prettier with the spices on it. All right, so I’m
turning off my heat. I’m moving my pan over. Let that cool off. The spices are making me cough. I’m sorry. It’s how it happens. Now, what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna get my tortillas ready. Now if you have a gas range
at home, you just turn on your heat, kind of to low, throw
the tortilla right over it. You don’t spray, you
don’t do anything. Just put the tortilla
right over it. If you don’t have a gas stove
at home and you have an electric stove, that little like
coil-looking thing, heating element, as they call it, you
can put it on that too, medium high, just make sure that it’s
clean and it’s not like coated with like sticky like Cream
of Wheat from yesterday or something. And you just leave it on there
and then I hope every healthy cook at home as a set of tongs
because if you don’t, you need to go by some. They’re like a dollar
at Target, okay? Go get yourself some tongs
because you’re gonna use those to flip over your tortillas. You use them for a lot of
things, but for this meal, it’s for tortillas. Just get some fire on the–look
at how pretty that is. Just like a Martha Stewart photo
at the end of the day when I’m done with these. We’ll make them so pretty
that Martha will be proud. Okay, they’re almost done. And you know what? If you don’t have–if you don’t
feel like heating them on your heating element, on your stove,
on your gas range, you can always just microwave them. I’m not a big fan of the
microwave but last case scenario–worst case scenario,
go ahead and throw them on there. This one looks like it’s
literally on fire, which is fine. Okay, so I’m turning
all the burners off. And I’m going to very quickly
cut up my avocado ’cause that’s gonna go into my taco. And I just want to cut a lime
’cause we want a little bit of lime juice once we’re ready
to build the taco here. And then I’m just gonna
cut a tiny bit of cilantro. Chop it up real quick
so we’ve got that. Now, these tacos,
it’s not super hot. I can hold it with my hand. It’s no big deal. I’m gonna take my
chicken–look at this chicken. It’s gorgeous, a lot
better-looking than that chicken I had before, right? Put it in there. Okay, it’s a little hot. Ow. Okay, cool off,
cool off, cool off. I’m gonna put a little bit
of–I’ll put some rice in here. I’m put some black beans. It’s kind of hot. Hold on, you guys. Wow. I think I might have
grabbed it too soon. Okay, so mental note, don’t grab
the tortillas straight off of the stove, give it a
second to cool off. I mean I’m not completely
burning to where I need to go to the emergency room
but I’m burnt. It hurts. Okay, so there I’m gonna put
a little bit of fresh lettuce. I’m gonna put a little
bit of fresh cheese. How pretty is that? There’s one taco. I wasn’t lying when I
said 10 minutes, kids. Ten minutes. Okay, put this bad boy on here. More of my–hey, Mr. Avocado,
I know you wanted to go for a ride, but I’ll use
you in a minute. Okay, more chicken. Again, look at this chicken
compared to straight from the store, okay? We got some quick here. We kicked it up a notch. Thanks, Emeril. Okay, and I just
touched chicken. All right, sorry. Washing my hands. Okay, a little bit of rice,
a little bit of black beans. It’s not a ton, but,
you know, it’s enough. Some people like their cheese
right up against the warm parts. We can do it this one like that,
put the cheese right there, a little bit of lettuce,
some avocado slices. And I’ve got some salsa as well
so we can put some salsa on there when we’re done. Give it a little bit of
cilantro, little squeeze of lime. Simple. We’ll make our last taco. This tortilla was really hot so
I was giving it a few minutes to cool off. I think we’re there. It feels good to me. Last little bit of chicken. If you guys don’t have spices at
your house, like cumin, cayenne pepper, paprika, chili powder,
you should go get some because it really makes food
taste good, okay? It makes food taste phenomenal
and I think that we–not only do we like good-tasting food but,
as humans, we eat with our eyes so we want the food to
look pretty as well. And just because it’s healthy,
does not mean it has to look bland and not fun, okay? Little bit of cilantro. I’ll do my lime again,
yummy, yummy, yummy. Who wouldn’t want to eat these? That’s what I want to know. I’m gonna eat them. So we’ve got three
tacos, little tacos. I mean these tortillas
were pretty small. They weren’t that big. You get a little bit of extra
brown rice on the side for a little bit more carb. These tacos are only about 10
to 12 grams of carbohydrate per tortilla, so that’s why we’re
adding a little bit more black beans and brown rice to it. You can put your salsa there on
the plate for just prettiness. And did we already give it lime? I’m gonna give it a
little bit more lime. We love lime. Lime definitely helps the flavor
and we’re gonna put some more avocado. Here’s the great thing about
this meal, avocado is loaded with what we call mono
and saturated fatty acids. These mono and saturated
fatty acids are good fats. They’ve been clinically shown in
several studies, one particular a Yale study, that actually
helped reduce belly fat by 33% in people who were dieting. Another study showed that mono
and saturated fatty acids that come from avocado, our dear
friend the avocado right there, were actually people who were
eating the more of these good fats from avocado were losing
more weight than other dieters that were eating the
same amount of calories. So it’s not only about calories
in versus calories out. It’s about what
are your calories? Are you eating good fats? Are you eating lean proteins? Are you eating processed food? If you’re gonna eat a processed
meal that’s 400 calories versus a meal made of real food
that’s 400 calories. Trust me, the real food meal is
gonna help your body get filter and leaner faster
than anything else. So I’m putting all
my avocado on here. Put a little bit on our rice. Who says you can’t have
avocado on rice, right? Little bit more black beans. I like to mix up my
black beans with my rice. I just think it’s more
exciting and more fun. And here you go. You’ve got my 10-minute tacos,
377 calories for this entire plate, 20 grams of
protein, 50 grams of carbs. You’re good to go. All right, I’m Christine Avanti. Thanks for watching me teach
you how to cook and for more fun recipes and videos, check
out bodybuilding.com. CC by Aberdeen Captioning