Hello everyone. My name is Matt Fuller. This
is Denise Bennet, my partner. We are the proud facilitators of the Light and Love Cafe. We
are here on behalf of the Expert Village. Ok, we’re going to make a Fuji apple salad,
however it’s not necessary to make it from Fuji apples. It is one of my favorite apples.
I also like honey crisp. Those are the two, but we’re going to stick with the name that
we originally came up with. We’re going to start with cutting the apples. Of course everything
has been washed. I want to keep the apples fairly slender. We’re going to make a small
amount so this isn’t a completely. Are you going to use this one? I don’t know. I have
not decided. You don’t want to use the seeds, obviously, they are bitter. There are some
people that juice them, I personally do not. I don’t know, just a preference thing I guess.
I think in nature, I try to stay as close to nature as possible. I would not be eating
the seeds. We are gatherers and we would eat around the core. That is why I don’t juice