Hi! This is Nili Nathan here with Rachel Carr
and Rachel is going to show us how to make a hot chocolate fondue. Okay, so this is a
really simple chocolate sauce. The base of it is almond butter, and we just used almond
butter and raw cacao and you can see here that raw cacao is a bean. It is what all chocolate
is derived from except most chocolate you buy in stores has been processed; had sugar
added to but we use a powder raw cacao. Here it is in a bean form. These are called cacao
nibs and this is what it looks like when it has been powdered. It is very very delicious.
It kind of tastes like semi sweet bitter chocolate that you buy for baking. You k now it’s like
it’s unsweetened so it is very bitter so we also have to add lots and lots of agave to
that too. We have our almond butter and this is a half cup of almond butter and a half
a cup of raw chocolate. Okay, so we mix those together. I tried doing this in a blender
and I find that it s just as easy to like fold it in by hand. Then we need to add agave,
about a cup and have that over here. It’s a lot of agave nectar. Then there is just
pinch of vanilla to give it that rich vanilla flavor. So we used these real vanilla beans
and we just cut them in half and scrape the seeds out. It’s giving me a little trouble.
So you open it up like that, just scrape out the seeds; very delicious. You can smell the