So we mix all that together in a bowl. It’s
kind of a nice vegetable medley. Then I just add the sauce. Great. Wow! When you lift this
bowl, look at that. So a little later we are going to sit down and taste everything. I
get to eat everything. I like a lot of sauce. Me too! You just basically toss these vegetables
with it and just really get everything nice and coated. That looks great Rachel. Look
at that beautiful. Then to garnish it with a little cilantro and a little bit of lime.
So we have our cilantro here and I have some more slivered almonds; sprinkle those on top.
At the end I usually cut one of these Kaffir lime leafs as garnish. Pretty. You can smell
that lime leaf. That is fantastic. That is pretty much what we do. I can’t wait to try