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channel today we are making homemade quiche it’s a super easy recipe
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for more healthy recipes and let’s get into it so to make the crust it’s super
easy we’re starting off with almond flour which is rich in vitamin E some
coconut flour which has fiber Himalayan salt which has lots of minerals in it
and a clove of garlic I’m adding in some avocado oil which is just gonna help it
bind you can definitely substitute this for olive oil or coconut oil as well as
2 tablespoons of water again it just really helps to bind the crust and
that’s it so it’s a super simple crust recipe this one is a savory one so you
could definitely use it for other savory dishes as well and because it’s made
with almond flour and coconut flour it is green free as well so stir that
together until you get a nice dough and then I’m putting that into my glass
baking dish so mine is about 9 inches wide so just put that in and then use
your hand to push it down into your pie shape so you want it to come up about an
inch on top of the sides so just make sure you get it evenly around the whole
pan I found it easiest to do with my hands as opposed to something else we’ll
just press it down until you get a nice evenly once your pie crust is done we’re
gonna go ahead and bake that for 15 minutes at 400 and get started on our
filling so I’ve got some avocado oil in a pan and I’m heating up some garlic I
love garlic because it’s an antimicrobial antifungal great for your
immune system and let’s be honest garlic tastes great too
I’m adding in some mushrooms as well as some zucchini and this is my trick to
get a really good quiche that isn’t soggy is to cook your mushrooms and your
zucchini all the veggies that you’re going to be adding in first and you can
definitely change up mushroom and zucchini for whatever you like so you
could do peppers or spinach whatever veggies that you enjoy then of course
it’s time for the eggs because we are making a quiche so I am going to be
taking 6 eggs and cracking them in and I got a lot of questions about the color
of the yolks of my eggs and that’s because I use pasteurized Free Run eggs
and they actually have more nutrients in them they’re higher in omega threes I’m
adding in some almond milk as well and then you’re just going to whisk that to
until you get nice and smooth so this is going to be the main quiche filling
along with our veggies so just whisk that together until all of it is
combined with the milk and the eggs then after the crust is baked for the 15
minutes I’m adding in the toppings on the bottom first to make a nice layer
and this is the time where you would add in anything that you wanted to have in
your quiche and then I’m going to be pouring our egg mixture on the top so
out of this quiche I did ended up slicing it into six so six servings and
this is great for meal prepping it’s great to bring to a family event to have
for brunch on the weekends but it’s super good for lunch as well just with
like a side salad I’ve been eating it all week once you bake it off and the
eggs are set you will have your wonderful delicious quiche all you have
to do is slice it up and enjoy and it’s honestly so delicious and I can’t
believe how easy it was to make a crust of a quiche at home and quiche looks a
lot fancier than it really is this would also be really good for Easter time if
you’re having an Easter family brunch or you want to make something for your
family at Easter time because it’s kind of a crowd-pleaser and it’s really
impressive to make a quiche but as you guys see it’s super easy and
customizable too so if you guys try this out be sure to tag me on instagram
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