Today lets see how to prepare a healthy ladoo recipe . Healthy snack for kids as well as pregnant ladies If you don’t like whole moong dal, then you can use the yellow moong dal (Pasi Paruppu) Dry roast all the ingredients separately one by one The moong dal has changed color , transfer it to a plate The urad dal will turn brown , make sure that you don’t over roast and burn the urad dal Allow it to cool down and reach room temperature Grind the moong dal separately Grind it into a fine powder Now grind the urad dal and chana dal together into a fine powder You will get the roasted aroma of the dal. I have broken the whole peanut into half Check the flour for sweetness , if required add jaggery powder Melt the butter and add little by little to the flour Now make balls of your desired size If you like you can even add roasted cashews along with peanut Healthy and tasty protein ladoo is ready !! Subscribe to us on YouTube and Facebook to get the regular updates !!!