Dil Chahta Hai, Deool, Dr. Prakash Baba Amte,
Mission Kashmir and Restaurant! There is a name common to
all these films. Correct! None other than,
Sonali Kulkarni! Today, she will be a part of
Ruchkar Mejwani! So, let me welcome her. Sonali, please come. Hi! Hi Archana
– How are you? Great!
Hi… A film titled ‘ Aga Bai Arrechyaa 2’
is going to release soon here. Tell me something about the film. I am very excited about the different aspects of the film. I have a very beautiful role
in the film. My name in the film is
‘Shubhangi Kudalkar’. Shubhangi Kudalkar is a happy go lucky girl
who seems pleasant to everyone around! She manages both, her professional
and personal life quite well! Also, she is good at her
aesthetic sense! She cooks really well!
– Yes! I came to know that. Though there’s a funny thing about it! As shown in the film, Shubhangi is well
versed with delectable fish recipes. But, I confess, in real I am completely unaware of
non-vegetarian cooking! Now that I know you cook well, What will you be cooking for us today? I am very fond of health food! Recipes that contain less oil
and need not cook much. I am proficient in making such recipes. For instance, chutneys, salads, raita! Today I will be showing you my favorite
‘Palak Raita’ Is that fine?
– Completely! ‘Palak Raita’ Sonali, is everything ready? Everything’s perfect!
– Yes. Very few ingredients are required
to prepare Palak Raita. Chopped spinach is already available. Let’s take it out
in another bowl. Take as much needed. I want to ask you something. As you said,
your name in the film is Shubhangi. Yes! So, what is the difference
between you and Shubhangi? In fact, you can ask me about the similarities! I and Shubhangi have
a lot in similar. But, Shubhangi is
audaciously bold! She holds an attitude like,
‘Excuse me?’ And, this is where I differ! I know, you are very obedient
as well my favorite! Thank you. Chop the spinach as we have it here. Next, add salt to taste. Adding salt with your hands
adds in love to the recipe! That’s true. Now, let’s take 2 tbsp chopped dates. They are deseeded. I will separate them. Sonali, tell me if black dates
can also be used? Yes, those or any other kinds
available can be used. But make sure it’s chopped like this
so it’s easier to be mixed. When did you develop
a liking towards cooking? Since childhood or later on? Since childhood. The
credit goes to my mother who has nurtured me and my siblings
inheriting good behavior. This is why we are always
ready for a helping hand. Cleaning the utensils,
winding up the dinner table, So, all three of us have
learnt these chores. One of it is
cooking! – Yes. One must be well
aware of basic chores! I have travelled a lot around the world
and cooking has always saved me! I never had to sleep empty stomach. It is important indeed. You agree, right? Not only me but I did not let my
film unit sleep empty stomach! I still remember, while shooting for
Amol Palekar’s film ‘Daayra’. We were heading to Orissa. We were travelling by road
and there were no eateries around! Finally, we came across an eatery
which had only one chef! Now, there was a question who will
make chapatis for 15 to 20 people! I just asked them to give me the dough. Quickly, you made it! Yes, I decided at an instance and
rolled chapatis for the whole unit. I also said, I will teach them
how make pithla (Maharashtrian gravy recipe). The menu was decided – pithla
and chapatis. So now while talking, I have added 2 tbsp groundnut powder and
salt is already added! Also, dates are included. Now, it’s time to add curd. What will be the quantity of curd? It should be
in proportion with the sourness in Shubhangi’s behavior! You will have to watch the film
to know more about it. We have added Shubhangi’s
sweetness in the form of dates. Also, we have included her saltiness
in the form of salt. Now, here we add her
sourness. Before I mix it well, Archana
has already fried the stuffed masala chillies. I am very fond of
the taste of stuffed masala chillies. Let’s crush it and add it
in the mixture so it blends well. All the ingredients are ready. We are just left with the mixing part! As we are going to serve ‘Aga Bai Arrechyaa 2’
on 22nd of May, 2015. So, shall I mix it?
I hope you all will watch the film! Definitely!
– What about you? No doubt, I am going to watch it. Or will you be busy with the show?
– No, not at all. I will watch the film. Thank you! The film too has a great blend like this which also includes pleasant melodies! The casting is apt! I will tell you about it
while I add some more curd. Bharat Jadhav, Prasad Oak, Siddharth Jadhav, Dharam Gohil, Surbhi Hande,
Gauravi Joshi, Shivraj Vaychal! We have
excellent actors in the film. As well the music is pleasing to ears. I am tempted to watch the film just
like the tempting recipe you have cooked! Tell me about your favorite recipes. My all time favorite is
Dadape Pohe (Maharashtrian Poha variety). Give it to me in the evening
or morning or any time of the day! I can eat them anytime.
Also, I can cook them quite good. And tea. I found this recipe
very delicious! In fact, I will have to eat such
healthy recipes to keep my weight in control. It’s like, when I cook, all recipes
have to be full of oil and ghee! It just has to be mouthwatering! But, looking at this, even I
will show some salad recipes. You know, our ancestors had
a well balanced lifestyle! That is why, it was never a
concern to use oil or ghee. We as such do not need a lot of oil
in our daily cooking. Today, apart from exercising
we do every other thing like buying vegetables to
paying off the bills, driving, travelling in a local train. We do everything else but feel
guilty to get some time out for fitness, as we are more bothered about
attending the family! We should take out some time
and Sonali will definitely be an inspiration. Your dinner should only include salads! like the one I showed you made of spinach, and you can take clear soup
or any thick soup as an accompaniment! But only these 2 things, nothing
else! No checking later for anything from the kitchen. or shall I order a home delivery?
A complete NO to it! Shall I taste it? So that I am sure it’s ready. Is it fine? It is delicious! Flavors of the curd, stuffed masala chilli
everything is blended well. – Right? It’s awesome! Thank you! So I’m sure, Shubhangi Kudalkar and
Aga Bai Arechyaa 2 will be appreciated by Archana!
– Sure! You like singing, right?
– No! Will you sing a bit for us? Two lines please. Only two lines! This is sung by
Shankar Mahadevan. I cannot ditto it but
I’ll just hum… (Recites a song from the film.) Wonderful! Thank you! I am sure you all will
watch my film. Also, subscribe to Ruchkar Mejwani. Let it receive many likes and shares
and I would like to come here again to meet you all! Thank you!
– Okay.