Hello Friends I welcome to Healthy Kadai Monsoon has finally arrived in Delhi and it’s
a perfect time to have pakoras. In our today’s video we will be making very
interesting, healthy, non fried pakoras using Oats.
These pakoras are really delicious and I am sure you will love it. So let’s see what all ingredients do we need for it To begin with we will take 1 cup of oats in
a bowl to which add ¾ cup of water. We need to soak oats so that it softens up. We do
not get that raw taste of oats. We will soak it for 10 min. After few min, oats will become soft; add 1 cup gram flour / besan, chopped fresh coriander, few green chillies, chopped onions. Add salt as per taste, little red chilli powder,
1 tsp of amchur powder. Add water and prepare pakora batter. Keep consistency as other pakora
batter. Mix it very well. Add more water to adjust the consistency. Here is our oats pakora batter ready. you have option of deep frying these pakoras
or we can make healthy pakoras in appam pan. Heat appe pan and drizzle little mustard oil
in each section so that pakoras does not stick to it. Add 1 spoonful of oats pakora batter in each section. In this batter, one can add any vegetables
of choice. Allow it to cook on medium to high flame.
Drizzle little more oil on top. Cook till one side gets brown and crispy.
After some time, flip over the pakoras and cook from other end. In total these pakoras wil not take more than 10 -15 min to get ready. Our healthy fibrous oats pakoras are ready to serve. Aren’t these looking too cute 🙂 These are healthy pakoras, non-fried, you
can serve these with tomato ketchup, chutney of your choice.
Prepare these pakoras as evening snack or pack it for picknics. These pakoras are healthy,
simple to prepare and taskes no time to prepare. So do try out the recipe.