so the first thing we’re making is the
chocolate-chip cookie it is delicious warm and gooey and it might just be my
favorite recipe in this video so I’m starting off with coconut oil a great
healthy fat along with some coconut sugar which is an unrefined sweetener
and it’s also lower on the glycemic index some vanilla for some antioxidants
as well as some Himalayan salt which just brings up the sweet flavor and
balances your pH as well one egg yolk and you can separate the egg yolk and
the egg white and then just save the egg wait for later or you can save the egg
white for another recipe in this video so I’m using three tablespoons of almond
flour you can use a different flour here if you like I would suggest a brown rice
flour anything but coconut flour cuz coconut flour absorbs a lot more than a
regular flour and it’ll come up really dry I’m using 1 tablespoon of paleo
chocolate chips I use the ones from enjoy life and they’re really yummy and
the only needed tablespoon because just a small cookie and then you microwave
that for a minute and you will get this warm gooey chocolate chip cookie it is
delicious and I’m totally gonna make it 100 times over next up I’m making an
omelet which is super simple as well so I’m using an egg and you can add in more
egg whites here if you want or you can use as many eggs as you like and I’m
whisking that together and you want to make sure that you break them all up so
that you get like a nice even texture of the egg then I’m adding in some spinach
you can add in whatever veggies that you like you could put mushrooms zucchini
zeppos I love spinach because it’s high in fiber its alkaline and also boosts
your immune system you microwave that for a minute and then you have your
omelet next up we’re making a cinnamon roll so I’m using coconut flour here and
some cinnamon now this is the time you want to use coconut flour and if you use
anything else you want to times that by 3 and I’m using some baking powder so
that it rises and along with a dash of Himalayan salt mix together the dry
ingredients until everything is combined then I’m adding in a tablespoon of
coconut oil for a nice healthy fat along with one egg I haven’t tried a flax egg
but if you do and it works well you know and then I’m adding in a three
tablespoons of almond milk along with the dash of maple syrup for a little bit
of sweetness and maple syrup is great because it also boosts your immune
system as well so together until you get everything
combined and then while that’s in the microwave I’m making a quick icing from
some coconut butter along with some almond milk and I love coconut butter
it’s high in MC cheese and a little bit of coconut sugar just adds a little bit
of sweetness without being at high glycemic and then I’m just drilling that
on the top you can spread it normally but I thought this looks prettier and
kind of like a cinnamon roll and there you have a quick easy cinnamon roll that
you made in a minute next up we’re making a pizza mug which
was so fun to make so I’m using some coconut flour for our of crust and then
I’m gonna be putting in some olive oil a great healthy fat helps lower your blood
pressure and boost your metabolism some baking powder which is gonna help the
crust rise along with some Himalayan salt 84 essential minerals and it’s just
a really good salt but my staple salt I basically have it on hand and I just use
that whenever things call for salt and I’m putting in an egg and just mix that
together once that’s done you’re going to put some sauce on the top this is all
before you microwave it I’m using some raus raus it’s my favorite the
ingredients are really clean just make sure you look for a sauce that doesn’t
have a lot of sugar then I’m putting some cashew cheese that you guys have
seen me make lots of times before so I will leave the recipe for that down
below you microwave that for a minute and then I just put a little bit of
basil on the top and you’re good to go you can top it with whatever you like
and lastly we’re making a subtract ilat cake which I feel is like the
quintessential mug recipe that everyone makes this is a paleo one I’m starting
off with almond flour almond flour is high in vitamin E great for your skin
it’s got fiber it’s got protein coconut sugar again this is just a pantry staple
so I suggest investing in some some cacao cacao so rich and antioxidants it
has bliss chemicals called anonym ID which actually make you feel better it’s
kind of like the endorphins and then I’m adding in an egg again you can use a
flax egg here if you’d like you can try it I haven’t yet but it should hold up
and some almond milk you can use cashew milk whatever plant-based milk that you
have and then I’m adding in some Himalayan salt again salt really brings
out sweet flavors especially chocolate you want to whisk that all together
until you get a nice batter that’s just all even you want to make sure there’s
no clumps because you just don’t want a clump of cocoa powder when you cook it
cook that for a minute and then you will have this delicious mud cake it’s so
easy to make them so gooey so I hope you guys enjoy this video
don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and follow me on instagram for
lots more healthy recipes and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys