we got the wood funny kitchen yellow the kitchen welcome sexy yes we asked you the last episode if he is sexy chef sexy cook sexy cooker whatever we every want you yes we’re gonna call these sexy cookers because it’s wrong and it’s amazing it’s cute and today we’re gonna do a really special recipe just for you yes yes it is because you guys have been asking in the last episode that you want vegan recipes very vegetarian recipes so we decided that every month we’re gonna do at least one vegetarian vegan recipe and this is it which is not usually recipe it’s really fresh healthy beautiful it needs to do and it’s very easy ok guys so as you know you can find all the ingredients and quantities in all the metric systems in the description of this video first so we have the broccoli funky and now the cherry tomatoes so you just can’t more just do the sexy tip with Lorenzo sexy tip sweet Lorraine’s oh ha today I’m going to teach you how to cut small vegetables or fruit for example cherry tomatoes if you are doing it like this which is wrong this is how you should to you next week fuckers ready now let’s put all together oh look at that oh so you just need to add your vegetables to the bowl perfect okay so now you just need to add 14 reasons a lot of olive oil dried oregano salt a lot final touch oh my god is watching is a mix together one A two A one two three on the oven for 40 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius and the only important thing in this shot is me dancing in the back just look at those moves okay first of all even they have to Iquitos into your mixer one handful of cilantro or coriander and portuguese garlic a pinch of salt black pepper and of course the liquid gold a bunch of olive oil a bunch of it it’s very healthy mm-hmm now let’s blend the mixture go it’s ready our dressing salad is perfectly done you guys don’t imagine how much work it is to film this let’s face it ready just a little bit eat some salt how does it taste mm-hmm it’s good it’s perfect it’s like amazing like watering a flame guys I knew it I knew I liked it well maybe now before we keep going you need to have a shower okay yes why you don’t use a magic fridge the wild finish on the beach I’m gonna start plating okay baby now let’s serve so we prepare three ways to serve this type of dish yes roasted veggie dish take it take it first one is we passed that second one we cool ah ha ha ha right so we funny when a good dude last let’s go 1 2 3 oh my god guys I think that elke is amazing think you can put in your mouth yes it is that’s right I’m ready one it’s amazing that’s like sexy funny kitchen leashes yeah if you do this recipe and you post a picture of your social media use the hashtag sfk so we can see it and comment and we have to follow through for the kitchen social media subscribe and why have you become a sexy cooker and we love you anymore you’ll never forget if we can do it you can do it I love you make this amazing