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because I have lots more health tips health tricks and recipes in that you
don’t want to miss so the first thing we are making are these lettuce cups
I love how versatile they are and I’m starting off with some black beans which
are great because they can help fill you up and they help with weight loss as
well they help regulate your blood sugar I’m adding in some of the taco spice
seasoning with no salt and mashing that up and then I’m adding in some butter
lettuce and this lettuce is perfect for doing like a tacos or like those chicken
lettuce cups that you get like PF Changs there’s a similar type thing butter
lettuce is perfect for this and then I’m putting it the black bean mash in the
middle and just scooping that out so this made about four little taco shells
you can also use like normal tortillas if that’s what you like and then I’m
putting on as some avocado I couldn’t find any like ripe avocados at my
grocery store they were really hard so I’m using these frozen cubes that were
like gonna melt by the time at the lunch time so it was perfect and then I
promise in purple cabbage you’re full of vitamin C is going to boost your immune
system and it has anthro science which help prevent chronic disease and combat
oxidative damage since the launch of some flavor and mint as a snack I’m
cutting up some mango which actually helps to control your blood pressure it
boosts your brain and helps in digestion so it’s basically going to up your
afternoon off to a good start your brain will be good you won’t have any
indigestion you will be good to go putting that into a clear container and
I’m topping it with some mango chips these are just like plain toasted non-
coconut chips and some square organic bar and I have a coupon code for this
which I will link down description it’s not like an affiliate code but it’s just
really good code to use for 20% off and this is a lunch
I love how perfect it all turned out the second one we are making is this
buffalo pizza so I’m using some cauliflower which is going to basically
be like so basically I have buffalo chicken we’re making a Buffalo
cauliflower I’m using this xyla buffalo sauce I like his ingredients are like
perfect I got it at Whole Foods and I just love cauliflower because it’s rich
and antioxidants it helps fight inflammation it’s spilling and a health
balance your hormones by like reducing the unhealthy level of estrogen so it’s
perfect roasting that in the oven for 10 minutes at 400 and then I’m taking this
tortilla and I’m putting on it some hummus you can make your own hummus if
you like but I think it’s just quicker to buy like cleaning gradient hummus
what the cauliflower is done I’m putting that on the pizza and you can meal prep
the cauliflower and like also do a bunch of other veggies and then just make this
morning over the day of I put that in the oven for 10 minutes just get to
crisp up and then topped it with some cilantro
I just love adding fresh herbs here because I feel like it really brings out
the flavor and we have like the chickpeas which have full of manganese
and Foley and fiber using tortilla it’s just perfect and it cuts up like a pizza
fits right into a lunchbox and took a nice warm lunch to have next up I’m
cutting up some Kiwi which actually helps to maintain a healthy digestive
system and it also helps iron get absorbed into your body so if you’re
eating like iron it helps your body actually absorb the iron which is great
and it also helps lower your risk of diabetes Plus look at that color
I just love food that’s like such a bright color I feel like eating the
rainbow is so important and eating like bright green fruit also just like
normally tastes better and I’m using it this Vega like far as a snack this is
the chocolate peanut butter cup a really good flavor I really like it and this is
the second lunch it’s so yummy is so easy to do and you can top the tortilla
with whatever toppings you like and totally change it up but I think the
Buffalo cauliflower hummus is like a game-changer and lastly we’re making
this citrus salad so I’m starting off with some kale you guys know how much I
love kale and I find that if you like massage the kale which I’m gonna show
you next it doesn’t actually turn up its bitter
so I’m using some lemon I’m squeezing half a lemon on it
and then I’m going to massage the kale and that’s the key to having it not be
better if you eat it like straight like this it’s more chance of being bitter
because you massage it with some lemon juice it actually kind of breaks down
the bitterness so you might let actually like it if you try it this way
highly recommend and then some grapefruit for the citrus and actually
grapefruit helps to decrease your appetite so it more like regulates your
appetite and so you don’t have you’re not like angry all the time and it also
prevents acid formation in your body so I’m all around great and I’m adding the
kale to the container is some citrus you can also use orange if you prefer orange
I love grapefruit I’m adding in some chicken that I just has like left over
in my fridge you can use whatever kind of protein you like but I like chicken
and then some slivered almonds almonds are rich in vitamin E riboflavin and
manganese and then we’re putting on some peanut butter popcorn for our snack
which I will link it down below I made in a healthy snack video this probiotic
bar and yeah we will be good to go that is our last lunch so yummy and so good
for you so I hope you guys enjoy this video if you did give it a thumbs up and
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