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of stuff so the first thing we’re making is this Bistro box now this is a spin on
those boxes that you get at Starbucks and the Beast or when it was my favorite
when I was younger so I’m starting off with hard boiling some eggs and I love
eggs because they’re full of all the essential amino acids they’re a great
easy protein to bring on-the-go as well and there are cost-effective compared to
like your grass-fed meat or your antibiotic-free chicken so I hard-boiled
those and then chilled them in an ice bath to make sure that they stopped
cooking and I like them kind of like almost medium hard and not fully hard so
they’re like a pale yellow and then I’m cutting an apple in half and I’m only
gonna be using half the Apple and you can easily just save the other half by
putting some like plastic wrap or putting it in the fridge it’ll keep and
I’m slicing that and this is a Honey Crisp not that it matters what kind of
Apple you use but I Honey Crisp is my favorite and then I’m taking a crisp
bread and breaking that in half to fit in my container now this one is high
fiber you want to make sure your crisp bread is high fiber
I put an almond butter packet and like they do and you got this quick a little
snack for lunch box next up we’re making it sweet potato pizzas so of course
you’re gonna need to be a potato so you basically make sweet potato toasts and
this is just a great way to use sweet potatoes if you have them on hand I love
doing this because it’s grain free you got complex carbs and lots of
beta-carotene so I’m always prepping sweet potato toast for the week and then
I just do different things with them throughout the week whether it’s eggs
and avocado or almond butter or two potato pizzas
so I’m digging a couple tablespoons of tomato sauce now you want to look for
sugar-free one I used ríos and then I’m taking a couple tablespoons of
dairy-free cheese the best consistency I’ve found is the chow one if you want a
recommendation so I like using that one I’m putting that on top and you can put
whatever kind of veggies you like but I kept it really simple and then just
baked it till the cheese is bubbly and put on some at Facebook because I love
like margarita style pizza so easy and lastly we’re making a chicken salad
which I’ve remade it so many times since this video so I’m taking some left over
chicken so this is something where you some leftover protein and you kind of
want to make something new with it so I’m cutting up some chicken you can use
rotisserie chicken or whatever kind of leftover chicken you have and just cut
it up into little chunks also if you find a really good chicken in a can that
doesn’t have a lot of sodium you can use that but I haven’t found one in Canada
and then I’m chopping up some parsley I really like the cliff flat leaf parsley
but you can also use curly leaf parsley but the herb just really makes a
difference in the chicken salad so whatever kind of herb you have on hand
even if you have basil cilantro even if you have dill I would highly suggest
like adding and a couple tablespoons of some fresh herbs and then I’m using some
avocado oil Mayo which is the key to making a healthy chicken salad is Mayo
made with avocado oil because it’s a lot healthier for you and there’s a lot
better for you I’m adding in a little bit of ginger – ginger is great for
digestion plus it’s just great flavor – with the chicken and I’m mixing that up
until it’s all combined and you kind of get like that chicken a salad kind of
texture then I’m taking some butter lettuce leaves which just make a great
little vessel to hold the chicken salad and I’m putting that in the center of
that and just dumping it all in and then I’m adding in some cucumber to kind of
use to scoop the chicken salad I lot of sturdier but you can also use carrot
sticks or peppers and then I’m just taking some paleo crackers which are
grain free on the side as well for some add a little crunch to have with my
chicken salad and there you go guys that is it it’s such a fun lunch to have it’s
tasty and it’s a great way to use any kind of left over protein so I hope you
guys enjoyed these lunches stay tuned for lots of more healthy lunches and
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