hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel today I’m back with another healthy delicious dessert and we are
making molten chocolate lava cakes for paleo free refined sugar and delish and
it was also highly requested so this is everything you’re going to need it is
only seven ingredients I’m starting off with some dairy-free and sugar-free
chocolate chips and I’m just putting that into a bowl and then I’m gonna be
adding in some coconut oil so this is gonna help create the molten part of the
center and also help just to make it really decadent coconut oil is a great
medium chain triglyceride you guys know I use it in a lot of my cooking because
it’s just so great for your gut and for a metabolism and everything like that
for the base I’m using some flax which is gonna add fiber along with cacao
which is rich in antioxidants a little bit of vanilla for some flavor as well
as one a tablespoon of maple syrup I’m adding in a pinch of salt because salt
really helps to bring out the cacao and the chocolate flavor it’s kind of like a
little secret thing when making anything chocolaty add a pinch of salt and it’s
gonna bring up the chocolate that much more so you’re gonna need one egg and
then one egg yolk I haven’t done this with flax eggs I’m not sure how it’ll
work because it is the egg that really helps to create the molten middle so add
in the one egg and then the one egg yolk and I’m just whisking that together with
my mixer you can definitely done it by hand I’ve tested both with the mixer and
by hand and I turn out pretty much the same but this day I just did it with my
beaters so whichever one you prefer to do that until it gets nice and smooth
and then add in our chocolate chip with our coconut oil mixture into that and
then they’re gonna be blending that once again until we get a nice smooth batter
so this batter is honestly super easy and quick to make which is nice because
with molten cakes you can’t really make them in advance because then they won’t
be as soft and gooey and running in the middle so this is something you can
definitely whip up super quick which is nice I am separating this into three
different ramekins that we’re gonna fill 3/4 of the way full so if you want to do
more than three I would double this recipe but with molten cakes because
they’re running in the center if you make
too much in advance you make too many if you reheat it you run the risk of having
them not be mult in the center so if you are gonna reheat them I have done it
successfully I did it at 200 degrees Fahrenheit when I was reheating them and
did that for about 20 minutes for the first cooking we are gonna cook it at
350 degrees for about 15 minutes basically until you notice the edges are
kind of set and cooked but the center is still soft so then you’re just going to
be able to take your fork in and guys look how molten and gooey the middle is
but it’s cakey on the outside because it cooked a bit quicker on the outside
first and it was super delicious the perfect treat you won’t even miss the
fact that it doesn’t have refined sugar you can’t even believe that it’s
gluten-free its grain free and all that fun stuff so I hope you guys enjoyed
this healthy dessert if you make it don’t forget to tag me and I hope you
guys are all having a great day and I’ll see you in my next video bye guys