hey everyone so today we are making
three different healthy ice creams they’re creamy they’re delicious and
they’re gonna be essential recipes for you all summer long so we’re making mint
chip double chocolate with cookie dough as well as strawberry and I will leave
my healthy dessert playlist along with a link to my free healthy dessert ebook
down in the description and the comments because I mean who doesn’t love a good
healthy dessert so let’s go ahead and get right into it the first one we’re
making is this chocolate cookie dough for the base I’m starting off with
coconut cream now this is a thick part of coconut milk when you refrigerate it
overnight you can also buy coconut cream already
thick but you might have to buy a few more cans so I would suggest just
leaving a can of coconut milk in the fridge overnight so add that into your
blender and then I’m adding in some almond milk but you can also do any
other kind of nut or seed milk here a little bit of vanilla for flavor and
then I’m adding in the cacao which is great because we’re not cooking this so
we still get all the antioxidants in the magnesium from the cacao a heaping
tablespoon of cacao honey but you can use just regular honey I figured since I
had cacao honey I might as well use it you can also use maple syrup adding in
half a tablespoon of tapioca flour and blend that together and what the tapioca
flour does is it really helps to get it nice and creamy and the texture to be
nice and smooth pour that in and then I’m adding in some cookie dough pieces
which is optional you can also just add in plain chocolate chunks I will leave
the recipe for the cookie dough pieces down below as well so sprinkle that in
put it in the freezer overnight or for about six to eight hours and then you
can scoop it out you’re just going to let it thaw a little bit first before
you can scoop it but you have this wonderfully delicious incredibly creamy
and smooth chocolate ice cream full of healthy fats that are gonna be
satisfying fill you up but most importantly taste delicious
next we’re making a mint chip which might be my favorite flavor of ice cream
so I’m using the coconut cream base again just pop a
few of them in the fridge overnight and that way they’ll be ready to ghost you
don’t have to wait adding that in to your blender and if you’re wondering the
coconut flavor isn’t strong throughout all these recipes because we’re adding
in other things on top of it it kind of just provides a nice creamy rich base
then I’m adding in the almond milk that we need it to make it nice and creamy
but you can make any kind of nut or seed milk here and then I’m adding in the
dates so the dates to what we’re using for a little bit of sweetness but you
can also use honey or maple syrup I’m adding in the tapioca flour again which
really helps with the texture but it’s optional you don’t have it
it’ll still be delicious a little bit of peppermint extract and then a few drops
of chlorophyll which makes it green so the chlorophyll is completely optional
the ice cream will tastes minty without it it just makes it green adding in the
chocolate chips and then once you freeze it you will be good to go you have this
wonderfully minty delicious creamy ice cream it’s gonna be super refreshing for
the summertime especially if you were a big fan of mint chip and it’s definitely
one of mine because it’s just so nice when it’s hot out Plus this one is very
creamy and delicious too and lastly we are making a strawberry so I’m starting
off with my same base again of the coconut cream and then we are going to
be adding in the almond milk too now for this one you can to use any kind
of various if you want blueberry or raspberry ice cream the fruit is
definitely interchangeable tapioca flour at the vanilla and then
our frozen fruit but you can also use fresh if that’s what you have
blend that close nice and smooth pop it in your container freeze it overnight
and you have this wonderfully delicious creamy ice cream that’s super satisfying
and you can definitely change up the fruits guys I hope you liked this video if you
did give it a thumbs up and let me know down below your favorite ice cream
flavor because if I haven’t made it yet I will definitely make it sometime soon
so that I can make your favorite ice cream flavor healthified and still
delicious so I hope you guys are all having a great day and I’ll see you in
my next video bye guys