I’m gonna show you guys five more
lunchbox ideas but these are gonna be fun festive ones I did try to make it a
little bit healthy some things are not healthy like The Mummy hotdogs just so
cute and fun and kids love hot dogs so right Owen first your lunch okay ready and open
them do you like but it’s so yummy busty this
is not disgusting what’s disgusting yeah they’re not expecting their cucumbers
they’re yummy those are peppers okay what do you want the grapes and the
crackers yeah in the mummy hot dog okay okay I’ll take these out then I’ll eat
them pancakes are always a good option for any meal right breakfast lunch
dinner snack pancakes are always good this is a pumpkin spice cheaper protein
pancakes no I have the recipe for you it’s super
simple all we did is two cups of keepers say the two cups oat milk flour 6 eggs
and 2 scoops of protein powder and I of course use my favorite which is the
isalean pumpkin spice protein powder