everyone and welcome back to my channel today I’m doing a healthy grocery haul I picked up some stuff from Whole Foods and I’m also gonna be showing you what I like to do with it as like a healthy meal prep and how I use this up during the week so you guys can kind of get some ideas in inspiration I also done videos like this in the past if you want to see those I will leave it them in the description box below and I also share my Instagram things I do during the week so you definitely want to follow up on it there so yeah let’s get into the healthy groceries first up are some nectarines I want to make a nectarine crisp I’ve made a blueberry crisp before and I basically just switch out the fruit it’s a really versatile recipe so I’ll leave that video down below then I got some flank steak you want to make sure you get grass-fed grass-finished meat meal prep this and that can make like burrito bowls or Furyk eatables also got some chicken sausage the kind of meal prep I do that on a sheet pan I’ll leave that meal prep video down below with some veggies pop it in the oven in 30 minutes you’re done a really quick easy meal prep and then just some grass-fed beef or a burger night tomorrow next up I got some almond butter it’s the grind your own kind which is really fun to do I put almond butter in smoothies I have it on crispbreads almond butter is just a kind of a big staple in my house I preferred to peanut butter because it has a lower glycemic index full of healthy fats and I use almond butter in a lot of recipes I got a bunch of lemons I do lemon water in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon I use this on kale on veggies I just lemons are such a good thing to help hydrate you in the morning and they’re really alkaline some spinach for salads it’s also really great to throw a handful into smoothies just sneak like an extra serving of veggies in some chopped kale I like buying it chopped because it’s not already in smaller pieces again it just makes it easier I massage this with a little bit of lemon juice and some pink Himalayan salt and I let that kind of marinate that way it’s not as bitter and it helps to break it down so if you find you get bloated or you’ve digested issues with raw kale if you and massage it will be fine then I got some Japanese sweet potatoes which I will show you but they’re kind of like a purpley on the outside but inside they’re white and they’re a bit less sweet than your normal like foreign sweet potato so they’re really good for making a sweet potato toast or if you just want a less sweet sweet potato and I like changing up my vegetables because diversity is key if you have too much of the same thing for a long period of time you can actually get in an intolerance to it so changing up your vegetables it’s a really good idea also got some yellow squash again instead of getting like the normal green zucchini I got yellow I like roasting this I like making this into zoodles I eat the raw I also like to ribbon them into salads um so there’s really versatile both raw and cooked and they’re also a really good non starchy vegetable so they help keep useful some broccoli I buy broccoli every single week it’s probably one of my favorite vegetables I always meal prep it ahead of time by just steaming it in a steamer and then I can throw it I was like a vegetable into so many dishes I got some avocados a great healthy fat I have this with eggs I have it in salads it kind of just makes any salad better and then I also got a purple cauliflower just because the collar was pretty and I’ve pretty much buy cauliflower every week besides make I’ve been so obsessed of making more of my cauliflower or gnocchi I made a huge batch and it had it almost every day if you had the purple one then your gnocchi will be purple which is fun but I’m actually using this for a healthy lunch recipe that’s coming out either before this video or like right after this video so stay tuned for that all right I also got this kale slaw which is a mixture of mature I think there’s carrot in there that I can see cabbage and think radicchio but this is good to add some again texture and crunch to your salad but it’s also very good with stir-fry so if you start fried this up with some kale as a cooked veggie a it’s easier to digest and it’s kind of similar to my whole egg roll and a bowl thing that you guys to be made I also got some pesto this is my favorite brand of pesto from LeGrande it’s a vegan pesto as well so there’s no cheese in it if I’m not making my own sweet potato fries I love the Alexia ones I also needed more apple cider vinegar so I’m trying the spectrum bran is on sale it has the mother which is key you really want to make sure it has that because that’s where all the benefits are I use this for salad dressings but most commonly I put like a little splash in my lemon water in the morning it’s great for bloating and it’s great for hydration and digestion overall if you can do like a tablespoon of that before every meal you’ll be golden I got some frozen peas again I wanted to change up the vegetables I was eating and get something different so I thought if I made a bunch of these I could throw them into salad or into stir fries and peas actually have a lot of protein there one of the veggies that are more higher in protein so if you’re more vegetarian or vegan keys are a really great thing and frozen is really inexpensive as well I stocked up on some more potato starch because I’ve been making my cauliflower and yaki like crazy Bob’s Red Mill is just a brand I really like I get their almond flour a lot of actually my flowers and baking stuff comes from Bob’s Red Mill and it’s really good potato starch is actually a form of resistant starch and is a prebiotic so it’s actually really nourishing for your gut and it helps the digestion system so that’s why I like it in my cauliflower nukkie and lastly just for a bit of chocolate I got the alter ego 85% black out just for a little piece sometimes if I want one after dinner I like going for high percent I usually do 80 or above and this one’s just the organic one that was on sale as well so so thank you guys for watching this video I hope you found some inspiration and like the meal ideas in the hall comment any requests you have for future videos down below and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys