so today we are making some delicious
crunchy paleo granola this recipe is super simple uses great for you
ingredients that are gonna not only keep you full and satisfied but they’ve got
lots of healthy fats and protein and it’s just lightly sweet I love it with
some dairy free yogurt and some fruit but it’s also good for like just
snacking on because of like the delicious little clusters so if you
haven’t yet subscribed make sure you do and let’s go ahead and make some
delicious granola so this is everything you’re going to need to make some
delicious granola I’m starting off with the wet ingredients so I’m using a
couple tablespoons of coconut oil along with some maple syrup for a little bit
of sweetness and also some vanilla and all the measurements are going to be
down in the description box below so that you can find that and I’m gonna
link it all right there so just throw that together and then we’re gonna add
in our grill apart so I’m using some sliced almonds rich in vitamin E we’ve
got some pumpkin seeds which are rich in zinc great for your immune system your
skin your whole body some sunflower seeds which are filled are underrated
some chia seeds which are rich in omega-3s and also help to make those
nice clusters along with the ground flax that adds fiber fiber helps keep you
full and then some delicious coconut flakes and if you have a preference for
one of these seeds over the other or you want to add in a different nut feel free
to kind of mix it up I’m gonna add in some cinnamon as well for some flavor
and then we’re just going to stir that together so what’s great about this is
it you can definitely switch the almonds for wellness or for pecans or for
cashews or switch up one of the seeds for a different nut or seed so kind of
choose your favorites according to my measurements and then add the wet
ingredients stir that together and then we’re gonna put that on a sheet of
parchment paper and we’re going it to bake it now in order to get clusters you
want to spread it out so that they’re still kind of touching each other so
it’s kind of like in a rectangular square and the second secret to having a
really nice crunchy granola that isn’t burnt is you really want to do it low
and slow so we’re only doing it at two and 50° first for 45 minutes then you’re
gonna stir it another 30 minutes after that stir and then a final ten and then
you get these wonderfully crunchy clusters that aren’t burned but tastes
delicious and full of yumminess so I like to pair mine with a nice dairy-free
yogurt but you can definitely have it as is as well I also top it with some nice
fresh berries berries are my favorite because they’re loaded with antioxidants
especially blueberries are great for your memory there are lower sugar fruit
too and in the summer time fresh berries just taste so delicious so
I like to load up my bowl with those this granola is honestly such a staple
it’s so delicious and easy to make – okay guys I hope you enjoyed this video
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will see you guys in my next video bye guys