Oh hi! I didn’t see you there. I have shared a few
holiday recipes now and I’ve also shared some healthy holiday gifts so I thought
why not put them together and share some healthy edible gifts? Christmas is this
week and the good news is that all of these are super easy to make but will
be very impressive for whoever is lucky enough to receive them. Let’s start with
my hot cocoa mix. Now this recipe is directly from my Ho Ho Healthy Christmas
desserts ebook, there are 30 plus dessert recipes in there if you are
looking for some festive things to make this week. For this recipe you will need
cocoa powder, sweetener, and salt. Stevia, erythritol, and monk fruit are all
great no calorie no sugar options for your sweetener. Coconut sugar is fine
it’s unrefined but there are still calories and carbs. I recommend
choosing the sweetener based on whoever will be receiving the gift because sweeteners
can be kind of a personal preference. Remember you can always use regular
table sugar as well. Add your ingredients into a large mixing bowl and whisk well to combine.
That is honestly pretty much it but today I’m going to show you how to
package this so it’s a great DIY gift. Spoon your cocoa mix into a mason jar and I
like to use a funnel to help me out it makes things a little bit easier
especially if you’re making a lot of these. Fill your jar almost to the top and
then you can top it off with some of those mini dehydrated marshmallows. Perfect! To jazz
it up just a little bit I’m going to use some pipe cleaners and string on some
holiday bells. You can of course use string and I just picked up all of these
things at the craft store. I’m going to wrap the pipe cleaner around the
jar just underneath the lid and tie it in the back. So cute. To make this hot chocolate you’re simply
going to take one tablespoon of mix for every one cup of hot water or milk
and mix to combine. I also suggest adding any additional sweetener to taste. I tend
to add less sweetener to the mix especially when I gift it because again the amount
of sweetness that someone might prefer varies. Easy peasy. Next we are moving on to
my pumpkin butter. This recipe is super easy and whoever is lucky enough to get
it will be very impressed. For this recipe you will need canned pumpkin puree,
apple juice, coconut sugar, sweetener, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, lemon juice,
and salt. In a saucepan add all of your ingredients and mix well to combine. Cook over
medium low heat for about 25 minutes stirring frequently to keep it moving.
When I make pumpkin butter I usually make a lot to give as gifts because if I’m
gonna go through the trouble of making it why not right? So you can always
half or double the recipe based on how much you want to make. After your 25
minutes you can remove it from the heat and allow it to cool and then you can jar it up. Perfect gift! Well almost. To decorate
these I am using one of my favorite festive mason jar tricks and I shared this
last year in my edible gifts video. You are simply going to flatten out your
favorite festive cupcake liners. You can put the first part of the lid on top
followed by the flattened cupcake liner and then seal it off with the second
part of the lid. Thumbs up for how adorable that is
and of course that trick can be used with anything that’s going to be served
in a mason jar. Maybe I should start a DIY channel. HmMM HmMm. Lastly we are going to make my chocolate dipped spoons. These are perfect for mixing into coffee or tea.
For this gift you will need chocolate and you can of course use milk, dark,
white, dairy free, candy melts, anything works. You will also of course need
plastic spoons and I am using those fancy looking metal ones today as well
as your toppings of choice. The first thing to do is melt down your chocolate. I
have white and dark today and you could of course do this in the microwave
or using the double boiler method and I wanna know comment below are you more of
a milk chocolate, a white chocolate, or dark chocolate person? I’m gonna
tell you up front I’ll probably be pretty alone with this but I am a team
white chocolate gal. Which is lame I know because it’s not even really chocolate butttt. Dip one of your spoons into the
chocolate making sure to cover both the back and front completely and you can
tap off a little bit of the excess because you don’t really need the inside
of the spoon to be completely filled. You can then transfer to a baking sheet
lined with parchment paper and immediately cover with your toppings of
choice. I am starting with crushed peppermint. Repeat this process and have
fun with it. Today I also used sprinkles, mini marshmallows, and I even
drizzle a little bit of the white chocolate onto the dark and vice versa. So cute. Allow to sit until the chocolate is
set or you can transfer to the fridge to speed up the process. To gift these we are
going to need some little baggies and decorative ties and I got both of these
again from the craft store. Place one of your spoons into the
little baggies an then tie it off with a twist tie. Repeat until all of your spoons
are bagged up. To complete this DIY gift I’m going to use some confetti paper, tissue
paper would also be cute. Place your spoons into a mason jar like so and then fill
around the spoons with some confetti making sure that the spoons stay
upright and viola! The perfect gift for your coffee or tea lovin’ pal. I hope you guys
enjoy these edible gifts. Be sure to tag me in your social media so that I can
see your remakes. For this hot cocoa recipe and a ton of other healthy dessert
recipes don’t forget to check out my ebook Ho Ho Healthy at
mindovermunch.com/ebooks and for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to receive a
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hope you guys have a fantastic week. Enjoy your time with family and friends
and remember especially at those holiday get-togethers, it is all a matter of Mind Over Munch.