looking over tasty healthy desserts for
Christmas that are also good for you then watch this video because I’m
sharing with you three delicious recipes that are great healthy dessert ideas for
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health so make sure to subscribe and let’s get into it so the first thing we
are making are these pecan pie bars which might be my favorite recipe I’ve
made all season so I’m using a blend of almond flour and coconut oil
both the which are full of healthy fats which are going to help keep our blood
sugar stable to that I’m adding in a little bit of vanilla as well as a
little bit of maple syrup just for some sweetness and then I’m just gonna use my
spatula to mix that all together until all of our ingredients are combined and
you get a nice wet sticky dough and this is what’s going to be the base of our
pecan pie bars so I took a loaf pan that I lined with parchment paper just to
make it easier to pull the bars out later and this is going to make 8 bars
but if you want to make more you can definitely double this recipe and use a
square pan so go ahead and press down your dough into all the corners so you
get a nice even layer and we’re gonna be putting that in the oven to bake while
we make our topping so while that’s in the oven go ahead and take a pan and
heat that to low medium heat and add in some coconut oil some coconut sugar
which is a great unrefined sugar as well as some maple syrup and it’s this blend
that’s going to create a really nice wonderful caramel filling that’s going
to combine with our pecans to create that nice decadent bar the great thing
about this is that there’s no high fructose corn syrup which is what is
used in a lot of pecan pie and pecan bars that you’re going to normally find
once it bubbles for about two three minutes take it off the heat and add in
a little bit of vanilla definitely set a timer because you don’t want to let it
bubble too long or it will burn to that I’m adding in a little bit of arrowroot
flour but I mixed with a tablespoon of almond milk just to help it dissolve and
this arrowroot is key because it’s what really helps it to
and really create that nice texture to that I’m going to be adding in some
chopped pecans be sure to get ones that are unsalted because you definitely
don’t want to be adding salty nuts to this mixture and then just fold that in
until all of the pecans are coated with our caramel
once the base layer is out of the oven go ahead and take your pecan mixture and
scoop that out onto the top and spread that out into a nice even layer and the
great thing about these is that they can definitely be made in advance and like I
said you can double or triple the recipe they are also freezer friendly I put all
the leftovers of these in the freezer that I wasn’t going to eat within the
next 24-48 hours because the freezer helps things stay fresh as opposed to
the fridge so after baking that for about 25-30 minutes I allowed that to
chill for a couple hours in the fridge because you want that caramel candy to
kind of set a bit and then I’m slicing it in two bars and I actually brought
some of this over to my friend’s house for her to try and she said that they
were like her favorite thing of all the treats that I brought her so they are
very delicious your friends and your family are going to love them and they
are definitely a key recipe to add into your holiday list next up we are making
gingerbread truffles so for this I’m using dates which have a great natural
caramel flavor to them to that I’m adding in some coconut cream which is
just the thick part of the coconut milk from a can as well as a blend of spices
which is just ginger nutmeg and cinnamon and to that I’m going to be adding in
some coconut flour which just helps the texture of the inside of the truffle and
to that I’m adding in a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses and it’s important
to get blackstrap because it’s that one that has all the benefit this has lots
of minerals it has iron manganese so if you’re going to be using molasses make
sure you use the blackstrap one so then I’m just blending that until smooth and
using a little scoop to scoop out a ball and then I’m dipping that in paleo
chocolate and I like to make a homemade paleo chocolate which is just cacao
coconut oil and a little bit of maple syrup and I will leave the ratios for
that down below but you can definitely also
just melt down your favorite dairy free chocolate and use that to coat them so
the scoop each of your balls out I use about a heaping teaspoon for each of
them and then I dip that into the Paleo chocalate and set that on a sheet of
parchment paper so that it peels off easily and doesn’t get stuck after about
15-20 minutes in the fridge the chocolate is set and you have these
wonderfully delicious gingerbread truffles so next we are making some
peppermint brownies so I’m just using a bar of this mint chocolate I really like
this brand because it doesn’t have any weird ingredients it’s only made with
good things and their ingredients are also really simple Plus this ready has a
little bit of mint in it so I figured why not so I’m breaking down this bar of
chocolate so that we’re gonna use the nice mint which is gonna add that little
boost of mint into the brownies and to that I’m going to be adding in some
coconut oil and we’re gonna melt those down together until everything is nice
and smooth so just make sure it’s smooth with your whisk and then to that I’m
adding in some maple sugar but you can definitely add in coconut sugar – I just
had maple sugar on hand and then I’m adding in two flax eggs that I really
allowed to gel for a good 15 minutes you can use eggs in this recipe but because
the other recipes were vegan and plant-based I wanted to keep this whole
video vegan so I’m just using flax eggs here but you can use either just really
make sure you allow the flax eggs to gel up because you really want them to bind
our brownies I’m adding in a little bit of peppermint extract as well as some
cacao and some Kasaba flour and cassava is a great grain free flour it’s
probably what’s in most like similar to a white flour in terms of consistency so
add that in until everything is nice and combined and your flour and your cacao
and everything is just abused and then I’m just going to scoop that out into my
square pan but I lined with parchment paper again either line with parchment
paper or make sure you really grease it well I just find when I line baked goods
with parchment paper I can just pull it out after and slice things up plus it
makes cleanup super easy so just spread your batter into all of the corners and
while that’s in the oven I’m gonna make a really delicious cashew
frosting so I have my soaked cashews that I soaked for an hour in boiling
water but you can also do it overnight to that I’m adding in some coconut oil
as well as coconut cream and a touch of peppermint extract too and then you’re
gonna blend that up until it gets nice and smooth this is a super simple
frosting recipe I did chill this for a little bit but if you want it to be a
bit softer just allow it to get out of the fridge for a little bit before you
spread it on but if the brownies are still a little bit warm it is going to
melt it so that’s why I chilled it or you can just make sure you allow your
brownies to fully cool before putting on your frosting so that it’s not running
down the sides or into the brownies so once you spread that out I’m gonna go
ahead and add some crushed candy canes and I found these at my local Whole
Foods I loved them because the red dye was made from beets and the other
ingredients were very like whole simple ingredients which is important because
you don’t want to buy candy canes with red dye red dyes one of the worst things
you can consume is just linked to so many different bad things for your body
so go for ones that aren’t artificially colored and then you just have to slice
up your brownies so as you guys can see this made nine large brownies for me and
if you’re not eating them within the first like 24-48 hours I always suggest
putting them in the freezer to help keep them nice and fresh or share them with
friends and family too because they will definitely love this recipe so I hope
you guys enjoyed this healthy dessert video if you make anything be sure to
tag me on Instagram so that I can see it and share it they’re all such good
delicious recipes I haven’t had a pecan pie bar and I don’t know how long
because they’re normally made with things that I can’t eat so it was really
excited for that recipe this year let me know your favorite down below and don’t
forget to check out my holiday recipes playlist there’s tons of good stuff in
there more desserts but also like breakfast like egg nog pancakes
gingerbread pancakes cinnamon rolls so many good things in there to make for
the holidays that taste so good but are also good for you I hope you guys are
all having a great day and I will you in my next video bye guys