(light bubbly music) – Hey HealthNuts, I’m Nikole
from HealthNut Nutrition, and welcome back to my channel. With this super cold, snowy
weather we’ve been having lately all I’ve been craving are
warm, comforting foods like soups, stews, chilies, and pretty much all the baked goods. So I know I’m not alone and I thought today
would be the perfect time to share with you some
healthified comfort food recipes, because, you know what? Healthy food doesn’t always have to mean kale salads and green juice. Sometimes you just have to have something that is both nourishing and comforting. Now to help me cook and bake
up a storm today in the kitchen I’ve teamed up with the Home Depot Canada, who are sponsoring today’s video, and I wanna show off my beautiful new LG ProBake Convection oven. It is so pretty. You would’ve already
seen a sneak peek of it is you’ve watched our Friday vlogs, if you don’t, you totally should. But it’s so beautiful. I love the trendy matte black finish, the beautiful blue interior, it’s like a shiny new car for my kitchen. It’s so pretty, I’m in love. So without further ado, we’re
gonna hop into the recipes. We have something savory, and sweet, and I know you’re gonna love them both, so let’s hop right in. First up we’re making my
mushroom leek chicken potpie. First thing we’re gonna
do is preheat our oven. We’re gonna start with the dough. So in a food processor, this
is the easiest way to do it, you’re gonna add in your
spelt flour, some sea salt, and then just process that to just basically mix the two together. Next, I’m just gonna sprinkle
in some chilled, cubed butter. I like to use unsalted. And just process that until basically you’ve
reached a fine crumble. At this point you can
slowly start pouring in some chilled water. And you’re just looking for it to basically come together like a dough. This is gonna be for the
top of our chicken potpie, which just basically seals
all the flavors underneath. It is essential and I highly
recommend doing this step. On a floured surface, you’re just gonna knead
it a couple of times, just to make sure everything
is well incorporated, and then I’m gonna wrap this and pop it into the fridge to chill, while we make the filling. Now it’s time to make our filling, so I have a large pot here. I’m gonna drizzle in some olive oil. Adding in some chopped up chicken thighs. I prefer using dark meat because I feel like
there’s just more flavor, and the pieces are just more tender when baked up in this pie. Just brown the chicken for a few minutes, on medium to high heat, and then you can add in your spices. I have onion powder, chili flakes, sage, and a little bit of nutmeg. Season with some sea salt and
freshly ground black pepper and then just stir it all together. It’s amazing how just
adding a few key spices will really bring a dish to life, and give you that ultimate
comfort taste and feel. I have some sliced up leeks,
chopped up onion and garlic. And just give that a nice toss to saute. I like to cook my onions and garlic first, before we add in the rest of the veggies, ’cause I find it just
intensifies the flavors. Next I’m adding in
carrots, celery, mushrooms, and some white wine. You can also use red wine or beer, really whatever you have on hand, or you could just use extra chicken stock. Stir everything together. This is why you wanna make
sure you’re using a large pot, because there is a lot
of volume in this dish, but it’s all gonna cook down and come together really deliciously. Once the veggies have
had a chance to soften, I’m gonna sprinkle in
some arrowroot flour. This is gonna help our sauce thicken up. Just give it a good mix, to make sure the flour
is well incorporated, and you just wanna cook
it for a couple of minutes before adding the rest of our ingredients. To finish it off, I’m adding
in some chicken broth, Dijon mustard, and a bay leaf. I forgot to show it, but I
also added in some fresh thyme. Both of the recipes I’m
featuring in today’s video, will be linked below in the infobox, for you guys to check out. Transfer the filling
into your casserole dish. I just lightly greased
it with some olive oil to prevent it from sticking. And now it’s time to finish our dough. So I’m taking it out of the fridge and placing it on a floured surface and just kneading it a little bit, just to kind of warm it up slightly, so I can get in there and get rolling. So you pretty much just wanna roll it to the same size of your casserole dish, whether it’s oval or round, you kinda wanna mimic that shape. Place the rolled out dough gently over top of your casserole dish, and just kind of crimp in the edges, so it’s laying flat
against the inner edge. Make sure to score some
lines in the center, just to allow the steam to escape when it’s cooking in the oven. For a finishing touch I like to sprinkle it
with some more fresh thyme and then pop this into the convection oven to bake and get delicious. One of my favorite
features about this oven is the fact that it’s a convection oven, meaning it’s gonna heat up more evenly and cook everything that much better. I am setting my timer so
I don’t forget about it. I am one of those people that has to have the timer
set anytime I’m cooking, otherwise I get distracted
with something else, and I wanna make sure
my recipes are cooking for the exact temperature
that they need to. I use the broil setting for
the last couple of minutes, just to get a nice golden browning on top. Let it rest to slightly cool down, and then you can cut into it and serve. And obviously after
dinner you need dessert, so we are making my triple
chocolate zucchini brownies, with a delicious chocolate
icing right on top. In a large bowl, you’re gonna
mix together coconut sugar, coconut oil that’s been melted
and is still slightly warm, and vanilla, and then whisk
until well incorporated. Crack in your eggs and then
whisk again until smooth. Set that aside, and then in another bowl we’re gonna mix together
our dry ingredients. I have some buckwheat flour, almond flour, cocoa powder, baking
soda, and some sea salt. Give it a quick mix and then we’re gonna incorporate
this into our wet mixture. And then whisk until smooth and until it starts to
look like a brownie batter. Oh, and did I mention
this has veggies in it? We’re adding in some grated zucchini that has also been strained. The full directions will be on my blog. And then we’re also adding
in some chocolate chunks. These brownies are so
decadent and delicious, you’ll never know there’s
hidden veggies in here. The zucchini just really
adds a lot of moisture and really gives it a nice
texture when you bite into it. Transfer the batter into a baking pan, lined with parchment paper. This will just make it easier to remove once it’s done baking. Smooth out the top with your spatula, making sure you get it in all the corners, and then pop it into the
oven to bake and rise and get all gooey and delicious inside. So I told you guys this is a triple chocolate brownie recipe, so the final chocolate is gonna be in the icing that we’re
gonna make to go on top. In a small food processor I
have some coconut sugar icing that I made myself with
regular coconut sugar, the directions will be on the blog, cocoa powder, melted coconut oil, vanilla extract, and
a large, ripe avocado. The avocado makes this
icing incredibly smooth, while adding in some healthy
fats to your dessert. Blend this all up until there’s
no more powdery bits left, until you’ve reached this gooey,
glorious, chocolate icing. This may be the best
icing I’ve ever created. Evenly spread the chocolate icing over top of the cooled brownies. If this isn’t comfort food, I
seriously don’t know what is. These brownies are everything my chocolate dreams are made of. I know you guys are
gonna love this recipe, especially after you
eat the chicken potpie. They just go hand in hand, if you ask me. There you have it, two cozy night-worthy comfort food recipes I know you guys will love. Let me know in the comments down below, which one was your favorite. Was it the savory, flaky, chicken potpie, or the sweet, gooey and
decadent chocolate brownies? I would love to know. Now if you’re loving the new
LG ProBake Convection oven as much as I have been, you can check out the
link below in the infobox for more details about it. Fun fact, there’s a really
awesome, easy clean function which Matt really likes, because I happen to be a
really messy cook and baker, if you didn’t know, and I’ve already spilled stuff
on the bottom of the oven. So I know I’m the worst, but I’m gonna clean it using that function and it’s gonna be so easy,
’cause it’s three steps. You just spray it with water, heat it up, and wipe and it’s so easy,
no chemicals and I love that. Now before you click off, make sure you hit that red
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see you guys back here. So thank you so much. Oh, and before we go, we’re
gonna taste the brownie, because these are honestly
the best brownies I, maybe besteser I’ve
ever made on my channel. Oh my goodness. If this isn’t comfort
food, I don’t know what is. They are just so gooey
and fudgy and delicious. I love them so much. Mm. Mm! Oh my God. Oh actually the best thing ever. (sniffs) I’m gonna cry.