so today we’re making one of my current
favorite recipes and that is a paleo chicken quesadilla this is a great way
to use up any leftover veggies and protein in a fun that delicious either
lunch dinner or it could be a snack to a little bit more of a hearty or snack so
let’s just go ahead and get right into it so this is everything you’re going to
need for the quesadilla I’m starting off by sauteing some onion but if you have
leftover onions in your fridge that are already cooked that would work as well
too adding in one cup of spinach for some
greens and what’s great is that it wilts down but you still get all the nutrients
of a larger cup of spinach but for a smaller amount I’m taking some leftover
chicken and I’m adding in some clean barbecue sauce you really want to look
at the ingredients of barbecue sauce to make sure there’s no added sugar or any
kind of fake preservatives stir that together and then I’m laying down one of
my almond flour tortillas you can use your favorite kind of tortilla here like
a gluten-free one and put down your chicken and then I’m going to be adding
in the rest of my toppings – so what’s great about this is that you can
definitely add just any leftover protein and veggies you have and kind of make a
tasty new dish so I’m adding in the onions and the spinach that we quickly
sauteed for a few minutes prior and then I also had a little bit of sweet potato
which tasted really good in this because it was nice and soft so adding madan and
then I’m adding in a couple tablespoons of dairy free cheese so just use your
favorite dairy-free one sprinkle that on the top and this really helps to bind
everything in the quesadilla putting up my second tortilla over the top and just
pressing down to make sure everything kind of melts together with the cheese
and all of the fillings flip it over after about three minutes or until the
underside is golden cook it for another couple minutes and then you have this
wonderful warm quesadilla so thank you guys for watching if you
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bye guys