alright y’all I’m gonna redeem myself ok
wait oh ho how do you miss both what up guys and welcome back to the Fit Mincha
kitchen so today on the menu we are whipping up some of my favorite energy
bars with a very special ingredient to make them what I call caveman energy
bars I’m gonna take you inside take you shopping and then we’re gonna go back to
my spot to a month all right let’s go so look at this guys this is an entire wall
of energy bars all very nutritious and delicious but I’m gonna save you some
money by showing you how you can make your own at home now listen mine come
down to about 4 basic ingredients nuts and seeds dried fruit honey and coconut
oil it’s just that simple all right so as far as it’s a concern
guys you can make this as simple as you want by having just one nut or one seed
or you can make it pretty complicated and beginning to mix and match these
different things but keep it in mind the more you mix and match the more you
increase that price so at $6 a pound I’m gonna get some raw almonds that is right
in line with my budget price point all right guys and the same thing
applies here when it comes to the dried fruit so you could mix and match these
but as you mix and match you’re going to increase the price so these cranberries
are 350 pounds so we’re gonna have some cranberries work by itself is very
naturally sweet so it doesn’t need much often times though in the drying process
they may add some sugar some other preservatives to help out with the taste
my food by itself is always gonna get the gold star all right so it looks like
they’ve got some turkish apricots and this is actually gonna pair very well
with the caveman energy bar so these are only four bucks so we can splurge today
who can splurge with these grabbing some coconut oil and some honey
alright guys so when I first mentioned cave me and what came to mind for me I
think about hunters and gatherers I think of back in the primitive time we
can’t have came energy bars without some mate so we’ve got beef jerky we’ve got
turkey jerky got chicken jerky we’re gonna add in some turkey jerky not a lot
of sugar in it this is about 36 grams of protein per bag we’re gonna add two of
these bad boys into these hmm all right yeah I’m gonna redeem myself okay wait a
little wait how do you miss both okay ah all right guys looks like I got
everything let’s head back to my spot and whip these bad boys up all right
guys so back in the kitchen this should take us literally less than 15 minutes
here are the steps blend mix together and then make into bars
boom oh okay wait freeze in the mechana bar well you get the point it’s really
simple first thing we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna toss in our protein the most important thing with this is that we
create a fine powder or blend we’re gonna pop the top and create a powder
we’re gonna do this until it’s very very very fine
almost like powder just very very few chunks and if you have your own protein
powder you could actually add in some unflavored protein powder if you do I
recommend adding in something like a collagen peptide it’s unflavored it
mixes very very well and it’s also very thin next we’re gonna grab our almonds
you know with this I like to just to keep it a really simple recipes the same
amount of almonds I’m going to add in the same amount of dried fruit and I’m
gonna blend everything together and then once it starts to get sticky that’s when
I know that I’ve had the right ratio so if I add two cups of almonds and we’re
gonna blend this together first before we add in the dried fruit you want to
mix all of the dry ingredients first before you add in the fruit now this one
we’re only going to pulse blend we don’t want to pulverize this into dust so this
is a great texture it looks like powder in my hand what
this is actually meat so we added two cups of almonds and never
gonna add in our wet ingredients and we’re gonna add 2 cups of dried fruit
too so let’s do one and a half cups of the cranberry and then we’re gonna add a
little splash of the apricots we’re gonna add in a little bit of honey this
is gonna help everything to stick together and then the last bit is some
coconut now you can do this as the blenders going as the food processor is
going or you can put it all in together just like this and we are going to pop
the top cross our fingers so when we stop it should be a very sticky paste
just like this and that’s what it looks like get a lot of great texture alright
now here’s the fun part we’re gonna put everything together now you can spread
this into a baking pan and you could cut this into bars yourself but I love using
the silicon ice molds because it’s great for portion control and whenever you
just need like a small like pick me up or something sweet you just go into the
fridge or the freezer and pop one in and you’re good to go spray your hands
because it gets a little sticky and you want this just to kind of roll right off
and into this mold alright guys it’s just that simple this is fine as is but
sometimes some people like to add some toppings people like me I actually have
some leftover pistachios that I’m crushing up here now I’m just gonna
sprinkle some on top and press those into the bar if you want to add some
chocolate you can do that too some dark chocolate be very mindful of the extras
that you pack on to it so we’re going to store this in the freezer guys for four
hours so that way they get really hard it’s not going to freeze over because of
the fat content of the oil and the nuts but it’s going to help to keep them in
place after four hours you could either keep them in the freezer or you can
store them in your fridge so delicious guys you can have a little bit of
everything in each bite you can buy this stuff from the store but the cool thing
about doing it on your own is that you get to make cool stuff and make it your
own and you know exactly what you’re putting into your body I’ll be posting
the recipe for this guys on to fit Minka comm so be sure that you click the link
below to going and I also want you all to comment below
your favorite nuts and dried fruit that you would add to this to make it your
own alright guys I want to thank y’all for
watching until next time I want you to do what that’s right to keep it healthy
but of course never ever boring ooh bye guys