welcome back it to my channel in today’s
video I am teaching you how to make a delicious moist chocolate cake that is
full of good for you ingredients it’s paleo gluten free dairy free is perfect
for any occasion birthdays get-togethers you’re gonna love it
plus it can also be made into cupcakes if you would rather make cupcakes this
is definitely highly requested from you guys to have a good cake recipe that you
can make that nobody is going to know it’s healthy it just tastes so good so I
hope you guys enjoyed this video and let’s get into it so this is everything
you are going to need in order to make your cake I’m starting off with two eggs
you can try this with flax eggs though I haven’t so just be on the safe side if
you can’t I would use eggs they act as a great binding agent you definitely can’t
leave them out and whisk those together until they are combined into that I’m
going to be adding in some maple syrup which is a great refined free sugar a
little bit of vanilla for some flavor and then I’m whisking that until that’s
all combined then I’m going to be adding in some almond flour which is great
Green free flour loaded with healthy fats and fiber some cacao which is
really not only delicious but full of antioxidants some coconut sugar as well
as some ground flax which really helps the texture of the cake and to that I’m
gonna be adding in some ground espresso you can also use ground coffee but the
ground espresso or coffee really brings out the chocolate flavor some arrowroot
as well as some baking soda and then I’m just going to whisk that until it’s nice
and smooth so this is the recipe for one tier of a cake so depending on how many
tiers you want your cake you would do this recipe per tier so I’m gonna do a
two tiered one in this one but you can definitely do a three-tiered cake if you
want one of those really big cakes and I just thought this would be easier for
you guys to multiply it by how many tiers you wanted single layered cake is
obviously delicious but if you’re going for that multi layered cake just
multiply the recipe by how many layers that you want so while that’s in the
oven we’re gonna make a super simple frosting so I’m using some dairy free
chocolate chips as well as the coke that cream which is the thick part of
the coconut milk in a can so take the coconut milk in a can and leave it in
the fridge overnight until you get that thick part then only take the thick part
and combine that with the chocolate chips either on a double broiler or by
30 seconds each increment in my microwave until it’s nice and smooth
like this then you are going to chill it either in the fridge of the freezer the
freezer is a lot quicker you want a texture that gets like this you want it
to be nice and thick because then we are going to use a hand mixer to make it
nice and fluffy so we get a nice frosting consistency so then I shake my
hand mixer and I blend that on high speed until we get it nice and fluffy
like this and so about when soft peaks form that’s when you know it is done
I’ve left the cakes to cool this is key because if you don’t leave your cakes to
cool then your frosting will melt all over the cakes so I would allow the
cakes to cool completely to room temperature before you frost it you can
even do it the day before if you want it so then I’m just taking my frosting and
I spreading that in a nice even layer on to this cake and the great thing about
this is that you can definitely make this cake into cupcakes instead and use
the frosting on top of the cupcakes depending on what you’re going for you
can separate it into mini ones too or a regular-sized cupcake or you can do the
full cake like this so I would say one tier of these layers of the cake would
probably make about 6 cupcakes and then I’m just taking the other half of the
frosting and I’m putting that on top you can definitely do thinner layers in
between and then frost the sides as well but I like doing thicker layers one in
the middle and then one on top but this is definitely a great classic cake
recipe if you’re looking to do this for a birthday or any kind of special
occasion but you want it to be paleo and grain-free and be good for you
ingredients but still taste honestly so delicious that they won’t even know that
it’s made with good for you ingredients you’re knocking me you didn’t be able to
tell and then whenever you’re ready you can go ahead and slice up your cake they
have these wonderful layers a really simple delicious
chocolate frosting that tastes so good and then you just serve it up and your
friends and family are going to love it this is definitely a good staple recipe
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desserts are probably one of my favorite things to make and you’d be surprised
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check out that playlist and I will see you guys in the next video bye guys