Hello Everyone, My name is Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi and I am doing a butter chicken story on my Youtube Channel As story telling is a very important thing and has become the current fashion Butter chicken is made in different ways I made one original, one restaurant styled restaurant styled means the small restaurants or banquets or catering people use, I have made in a same way and that too very tasty I have read many a times that Akshay Kumar Ji and other North Indian actors love eating Butter Chicken But they prefer eating healthy version Healthy version is very challenging because there is a challenge in taste, ingredients and cooking I have found out the way So today I am making Healthy Butter Chicken only for you and it is very fun in making First of all will switch on the induction I’ll add some water in it, a 1 cup of water then will take 4-5 tomatoes will add 1 small onion, 1 small grated carrot, half cup grated red pumpkin White pumpkin, remember Baba Ramdev and add in it This also add half cup I’ll also add a big spoon of ginger, garlic paste in this Here I have chopped tomatoes, that also we will add in this and along with this will add some shahi jeera approximately 1 small spoon optional it is, if not available at home don’t add it, no need to worry add some salt by saying Namak Shamak and keep dancing & enjoying add according to you how much you need as it is healthy so will keep a control of salt in this dish Now we have added all the ingredients, so will mix it accordingly and will cover it with the lid and let it cook for at least 15 minutes so that tomatoes become soft and pulpy, and other things can be cooked well So approximately cooking for 15 minutes, vegetables are soft, tomatoes are soft so now will grind this mixture I’ll blend the mixture in small quantities because it is very hot At home you please blend it after it cools down will take protection as it is very important I’ll remove this in a bowl The mixture which I have blend will remove in the bowl Flavor of this is something unique I”ll try my best to give you the similar taste I have kept the kadai again on the induction and will add 2 big spoons of olive oil by the way calories are similar whichever oil you use whether it is olive oil or stable oil it is just the configuration or the health factor which is more better over here Adrak like my mother say “Ginger juliennes” will add 1 inch chopped ginger juliennes, you can also grate and use add 2 green chilli juliennes after saute now will add this mixture in the kadai see the colour is so amazing there is no cashew nuts or musk melon seeds but the healthy ingredients are, I have added in front of you now will add red chilli powder a small tea spoon If you eat spicy then you can add one and a half tea spoon So I have added 1 spoon after seeing the quantity of the gravy So now will cover it with the lid and cook for 4 to 5 minutes So till then I have the tandoori chicken and will use only breast piece because as we are talking about the health So when we talk about health, eating chicken is allowed but only breast piece So will take the breast piece and cut it How to make tandoori chicken you can see it on youtube I have made it in different types, so that you can enjoy it So now after cooking gravy for 4 to 5 minutes will add chicken in the gravy along with it will add low fat cream or milk both the options are available for you Soya milk can also be added I am using low fat cream You can also use the cream which is available in the market take 2 big spoons of cream, add water in it and add it in the kadai or else you can add full fat milk half cup you have to add and after that add 1 small spoon of kasuri methi now again will let it cook for 2 to 3 minutes so that gravy is cooked in a right consistency and in the last will add honey and ready and finally will add one big table spoon honey mix it induction off serving preparation starts Wow now after seeing this even you will feel like wow little bit of a fresh coriander So here it is, a healthy butter chicken only for you people who are health conscious they also can eat tasty Indian food in any corner of the world And Akshay Kumar Ji this is only for you, don’t forget to browse you can cook by your own or you can ask your associates If got a chance to cook for you then definitely will be happy to cook for you You just check out my Youtube channel and note all the healthy, tasty dishes and keep cooking for your family.