hey everyone and welcome up back it to my channel if you are new don’t forget to hit that red subscribe button and let’s get into it so I’m starting off by making a flax egg with wine a tablespoon of flax seed meal two three tablespoons of water you could also use just one normal egg in case you don’t want to use a flax egg and everything will be in the description box the full recipe then I’m using 3/4 cup of tahini and tahini is ground up sesame seeds they’ve got lots of healthy fats and they make a great base if you can’t have nuts a lot of you guys isn’t saying you can’t have nuts this is a great substitution you could also use almond butter or peanut butter as well that I’m putting in a little bit of honey for sweetness if you’re vegan feel free to use maple syrup next up we’re going to be using some applesauce to sweeten up the recipe so I’m using 1/4 cup you can also use a quarter cup of banana as well mashed up if you don’t have applesauce on hand but I do find my applesauce it works a little bit better then I’m adding in a splash of vanilla to give it a little bit of flavor and I’m mixing it up with my Star Wars spatula you guys have seen if you’ve seen this before let me know in the comments if you know all about my Star Wars spatulas then after the egg is kind of gelled up a bit I’m adding that into our wet mixture and adding in 1/4 cup of organic cocoa powder and the cocoa powder is going to give it that nice chocolatey taste and we’re not adding any flour into the skies so it’s going to be completely flourless and gluten free as well a little bit of baking soda which is going to help them arrive if it still likes a fudgie’s 1/4 cup of some dairy free chocolate chips and then I’m going to fold all of that together until we get our nice thick brownie mixture I love it you can make this so quickly you make it just in One Bowl super simple clean ingredients and they’ve got nice healthy fats in the DPD dark cocoa is just it’s so yummy then we’re going to put that into a greased baking sheet and guys do not forget to like grease the baking pan I have done that before and then everything just sticks so completely and in your brownies will be ruined and we definitely don’t want that so just make sure you spray it with something spread it down evenly and I found that this made about nine big ones or you can make what it is four eight eight small one so it’s whatever you’d like and then you are going to make the caramel sauce while those are baking so I’m using half a cup of tahini you can also use a good nut butter like I said before but I’m trying to make this net free for all you guys I keep commenting not to use nuts and you want something that free some coconut milk and you want the coconut milk to be from a can because that one is a lot thicker than the one that’s just in the fridge some honey or maple syrup and then a dash of molasses molasses really helps to give the caramel kind of a depth of flavor and also adds a little bit of color so you get that really nice caramel color and then I’m just whisking that over medium heat for two to three minutes until it gets runny and then we are going to pour that over our brownies while it’s still hot and spread it around with a spatula you could also just drizzle it on after but I like pouring a little bit and then taking a straw and poking in just a few holes so that the caramel kind of sinks in a bit to the holes into the brownies and then I’m finishing it off with a little bit of salt to kind of have like salted caramel brownie oh my gosh guys this is so good and the caramel sauce extra like the extra part you just keep in the fridge for a week or two put some extra caramel sauce on when you dig them out they’re so nice and fudgy and they’re just made with such great ingredients all whole foods and like they’re completely allergy free egg free soy free gluten free dairy free all that stuff so don’t forget to subscribe follow me on Instagram and all that and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys