hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel today we’re making our own healthy delicious breakfast sandwich
complete with our own a home made paleo bread so we’re gonna start off by making
the bread which is great because it’s freezer friendly so you can just take
them out whenever you want one we’re gonna make our own buttermilk by adding
in a couple teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to some almond milk and setting
that aside in a bowl we’re gonna combine some casts of a flower which is a great
paleo flower that’s very finely milled and comparable to your normal gluten
containing flours some baking powder as well as some Himalayan salt and then I’m
adding in some ghee which is clarified butter it is considered paleo because
they remove the milk solids on the top but you can also use coconut oil I just
find that the flavour of the ghee works similar in breads that would otherwise
use butter so go ahead and combine the flour mixture with the ghee kind of by
cutting it in so if you have a pastry cutter you can use that but I don’t have
a pastry cutter so I just mix it until you get crumbles I’m adding in our milk
that we were culturing on the side with the apple cider vinegar and stirring
that together now the batter will thicken a bit as you stir it and if you
leave it for about 2-3 minutes you’ll get a nice thick then I’m wet I made two
biscuits these are quite larger biscuits because they’re gonna be sandwich sized
and we’re gonna bake them off and I will leave all the directions in the
description but basically you bake them for about 14 minutes at 450 degrees so
then I’m gonna cook an egg for a breakfast sandwich so I’m cooking it in
some ghee which is a great form of either coconut oil or ghee would be
great to cook your egg in and I get a lot of comments about the yolks of my
eggs and that’s because they are pasture-raised Free Run eggs so they
have this really nice darker color and these types of eggs are thought to have
more omegas more nutrients in them overall and they’re also more humane
which is great I’m adding in some spinach to the base of my sandwich so as
you guys can see the bread turns out great I always like including greens you
could do kale or any kind of lettuce I’m adding in some avocado for some healthy
fats so I do assemble these sandwiches day of I suppose to freezing the whole
sale just the avocado stays nice and fresh
and then I’m adding on my egg that we cooked so I like how to do it over
medium but you can do over hard or however over runny depending on what you
like or how you’re gonna be eating your sandwich but this makes a super great
healthy breakfast and honestly the sandwich bread that we made this so
versatile you could have any kind of sandwich with it but I think it’s really
fun to have a breakfast sandwich because breakfast sandwiches are delicious I
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future ones and I’ll see you next time bye guys