first up is this breakfast skillet so
this is everything you are going to need but you can also throw in any other
leftover veggies so I’m heating a pan with some avocado oil and adding in some
sweet potato as well as some Himalayan salt and some pepper I love sweet potato
because it’s a complex carb it’s loaded with fiber and it has so much
beta-carotene which makes it Orange that makes it better than your regular
potato adding in some red onion but you could also do any kind of white onion it
just caramelize isn’t really taste good in this skillet and then I’m going to be
adding in some kale kale is super great for you it’s got again fiber vitamin C
calcium and then I’m gonna add an egg on top which is full of amino acids it’s
got choline for your brain protein and healthy fats and once that’s all stirred
up you will have this wonderful delicious breakfast skillet next we’re
making green free crepes and guys I am obsessed with this recipe
plus the filling possibilities are virtually endless so to make the batter
I’m using one egg but you can also use a flax egg if you want some almond milk
but again any kind of nut or seed milk will work and whisk that together a
little bit of vanilla for some flavor and then I’m adding in some caspo flour
which is loaded with fiber and it’s great for your digestive system a pinch
of Himalayan salt and you whisk that together so this is a very simple easy
batter that you can whip up in minutes heat a pan on medium heat spray it with
a little coconut oil or avocado oil and I’m just using a 1/4 cup measure to
spoon it out and then kind of tilt your pan until you get like a nice thin layer
you’ll know when it’s ready because it’s going to be set on the top and then you
flip it over and cook it for about another 30 seconds and these also keep
great in the fridge or the freezer so I’m filling mine with strawberries which
are a delicious low sugar fruit that are loaded with vitamin C great for your
immune system great for your adrenals you fold that over and you
crepe but like I said you can really feel it with any kind of berries
blueberries raspberries I’m also going to be drizzling it with a little bit of
almond butter but you can do any kind of nut or seed butter so if you are not
free the batter itself is not free you could just do a drizzle of coconut
butter or you could do a drizzle of sunflower seed butter or something like
that but I really like the combo of like the berries and the nut butter kind of
feels like you know almond butter and jam but with the berries and the crepe
like I said the possibilities are endless in terms of the fillings you
could even do a savory one with like eggs and kale or something like that
and then we’re making a savory yogurt Bowl so this is everything that you are
going to need I’m starting off with some coconut yogurt which is a great
dairy-free alternative coconut it’s also really great for gut
health and digestion which I am super passionate about I’m adding in some
healthy fats like avocado which tastes delicious and creamy and Miss Bowl
and then I’m adding in some pumpkin seeds but you can also do nuts pumpkin
seeds are great because they’re loaded with zinc and magnesium which are both
essential minerals for you a little bit of lemon zest for flavor and lemon zest
is actually really good for you if you like it’s really underrated compared to
the juice of a lemon the lemon zest actually helps to eradicate toxins from
your body I’m doing a little bit of the everything bagel seasoning but you could
just do a sea salt here you can even add an egg your favorite kind of nuts but
basically anything is savory but it makes it creamy and delicious with the
yolk don’t forget to check out my healthy breakfast playlist for lots more
ideas as well as my latest uploads to see more healthy delicious recipes and
I’ll see you in my next video bye guys