A healthy breakfast menu recipe : Wheat Idiyappam & Brinjal Kothsu Ingredients for Brinjal Kothsu : Adjust the green chilli according to your spiciness Ingredients for seasoning the brinjal kothsu Asafotedia – A Pinch Soak the moong dal for 1/2 hr. To a pressure cooker add the soaked moong dal. Add the tomato , small onion green chilli Potato and brinjal Soak the small piece of tamarind in the water. Do not add the tamarind puree now , it will not allow the dal to be cooked. Add atlast Allow it for 2 pressure sounds. Lets see how to make Wheat Idiyappam. Measure wheat flour and Idiyappam flour using the same cup. Dry roast the wheat flour Reduce the flame to low and dry roast the wheat flour. If you do not dry roast the wheat flour properly then you will not be able to make idiyappam. The Idiyappam flour is a roasted one , so its not required to dry roast the flour. Dry roast it until you get the aroma of the wheat flour. Mix both the flour. Boil water until bubbles appear on the surface of the water Add hot water and knead it into a smooth dough Grease your hands with oil and knead the dough. Adding oil , prevents the dough from getting dry and also leaves the string hopper smooth and soft. Once kneaded do not close the vessel with a lid . Leave it open Once the Idly maker is hot enough prepare the Idiyappam. If the cloth is dry then the Idiyappam will stick to the cloth , so sprinkle water before preparing Idiyappam. Mash the brinjal well , remove the green chilli before mashing . If you add salt at the beginning it will leave the dal uncooked. Add tamarind puree Heat 1&1/2 tsp of oil Once the onions are sauted add it to the cooker and boil well. Allow it to boil it for 5 mins. If you touch the idiyappam with wet hands it should not stick to your hand. Then it means its cooked. Lets see how to prepare sweet Idiyappam Strain the jaggery syrup. Brinjal Kothsu is ready !!! To the Idiyappam add jaggery syrup Add grated coconut. Mix it well . If you are adding sugar add a tsp of milk to it. Lets see how to make Karam out of it Add a spoon of curd to drinking water Dip the Idiyappam in the curd mixed water You can add vegetables to this idiyappam. Otherwise just add small onions , green chilli and season them. Subscribe to us on Facebook and YouTube to get the regular updates !!!!