Lets see another healthy breakfast combo today !!! Kuthiraivali Pongal (Barnyard Millet Pongal) Use the same cup for measuring barnyard millet and moong dal. Dry roast the moong dal , this will give you a good aroma and flavor to the pongal. Once it turns brown and you get the aroma of the dal , soak it along with the millet. Soak it for 1/2 hr Lets take a look at the ingredients required for coconut chutney Adjust the green chilli according to your spiciness. Curry leaves will enhance the aroma and flavor of the chutney Grind it into a fine paste The chutney will be ready once we season it. Lets see how to prepare Beetroot Idiyapam. Grated beetroot – 1 Idiyappam Flour – 1 cup Squeeze the beetroot to extract the juice. The remaining beetroot can be used for making poriyal or vadai. It will be about 3 tsp of juice . Add the beetroot juice to the idiyappam flour. This is the second water , boil it well until you get bubbles on the surface of the water. If the water is not sufficiently hot then the Idiyappam will not be smooth and it will be dry. Mix the beetroot juice and the flour well. Add a spoon of oil and knead it well. It prevents the dough from becoming dry. If you do not like sweet , you can add vegetables . The dough is ready , lets prepare the Idiyappam. Lets prepare the pongal in meantime. The moong dal has been soaked well along with the millet. Measure water using the same cup which we measured dal and millet. Add 3&1/2 cups of water. Donot add salt at this point , it will not allow the dal to be cooked. Allow it for 2 pressure sounds. Once the Idli maker is sufficiently hot , prepare the Idiyappam. Colourful beetroot idiyappam is ready !!! Mash the rice well. Add salt to taste Add pepper powder. First lets season the coconut chutney. Urad Dal – 1/2 tsp Mustard Seeds – 1/4 tsp Red Chilli – 1 If the chutney is not spicy enough you can add one more red chilli. Curry Leaves – Few Now add the seasoning to the coconut chutney Now lets season the pongal. Heat 2 tsp of oil. Little bit of ghee. Add jeera and cumin seeds Add the seasoning to the pongal. Barnyard Millet Pongal is ready !!! Karuppati (Palm Jaggery) You can add jagery syrup , grated coconut to the beetroot idiyappam and serve it as a swet dish Subscribe to us on YouTube and Facebook to get the regular updates !!!