hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel today we’re going to be making some delicious super moist healthy
banana bread it’s also paleo and it has a little bit of a secret ingredient
twist so let’s go ahead and get into it so this is everything you are going to
need here now to ripen the bananas if yours aren’t spotty I simply pop them
into the oven at 300 for 15 minutes until basically the skin turns black and
then they get really soft and ripe and the more ripe the bananas the better
your banana bread will taste so unless yours are very very spotty I would
suggest doing this it also makes it a lot easier to mash if you can’t mash
yours with a fork you can definitely blend it in a blender but if you do them
in the oven they’re definitely a lot easier to mash with your fork so you’re
gonna need three bananas go ahead and mash those up until it is nice and
smooth and then we’re going to be adding in a little bit of a different
ingredient and that is some tahini so tahini is sesame seed paste which is
really good for you it also makes a different twist compared to an almond
butter now if you don’t have tahini you can substitute an almond butter or any
kind of nut or seed butter but I really like the flavor of the tahini in this a
little bit of vanilla for flavor and then I’m adding in three eggs and you
guys can see the difference in the yolk color they were out of my favorite brand
of eggs so I had to bite this other one and the yolk color is just so much
different in which you can tell the difference in the eggs it’s why I love
the dark yolk so much I was just so much more better for you and research does
show that it does have a higher nutrient profile compared to the other ones so if
at the dry ingredients we’re going to be using almond flour some monk fruit some
baking powder some arrowroot starch but you can also use tapioca as well as a
pinch of Himalayan salt so after that go ahead and fold all those ingredients
together now for the almond flour you can’t substitute coconut flour this is
simply because coconut flour is very different it’s a lot more absorptive so
you would need 1/4 the amount and then you wouldn’t have an
bread that makes sense and you would need a lot more eggs so then it take
your wet and fold that into your dry just until it’s incorporated you don’t
want to over mix it so you definitely don’t want to be beating this so I would
suggest just hand folding it until it’s all combined I’m adding in some
chocolate chunks I just cut up a sugar-free dairy-free chocolate bar and
I put that in it’s about half a cup and I folded that on the top and then I’m
going to save a little bit just to sprinkle on the top too because it
always looks super pretty when you do that I lined a loaf pan with some
parchment paper and I find that this just makes it really easy to pop out the
loaf and cut it after if you don’t do this you definitely do need to spray it
with some square-root of either coconut oil or avocado oil so that it doesn’t
stick so put that into your loaf pan and then I’m sprinkling the rest of the
chocolate on the top just to look pretty you’re gonna bake this at 350 degrees
for 55 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean and you want to wait
till it cools before you start slicing it and then I slice it and put 12 slices
so if you’re eating this all the day of which is extremely possible because it
is super delicious you can keep it outside of the fridge but beyond that I
would actually put it in the freezer so I like to slice it up into individual
slices and then freeze it because this helps it not dry out the fridge really
dries out baked goods and then you can freeze it and pop one out whenever you
want one these are such a delicious little banana bread snack you can have
it with tahini or you can have it with more nut butter it’s just super moist
delicious a little bit of chocolate such a staple recipe so I hope you guys
enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next one