What’s up CantoMando squad. Welcome to the ultimate cooking challenge episode 1. The way the game works is I’ll be shooting a dart at a map, and Mike and Sheldon will have to make a food from wherever it lands. They’ll buy the ingredients, then they’ll make the same dish with their own unique aspects added to it. In the end, I’m gonna eat the food, judge the dishes, and see who will be the winner. So let’s see if they make good food, or if they make me puke. Without further ado, let’s go. Alright, so we got Edward here. He’s gonna be shooting our east Asia map. And wherever it lands that’s coloured, you have to make a food from that region. Alright, so are you ready? Blindfolded. To make it more fun, I’m gonna spin you, okay? Going round. Dizzy boy. Alright. Aim it here, there we go. Wait, aim right there. Dude, man! Wait, it didn’t stick. Where did I shoot? Edward, you trying to make me eat raw fish, bro? We got a place! We got Tianjin! Alright Edward, so what are we eating today? Alright, Tianjin food. Oh! This! I wanna eat this. Dude, jianbing! You guys ready to compete? Ready to lose? I’m ready to win. Let’s go to the supermarket, let’s go! Alright guys, we’re at the supermarket now, and I’m following Mike. Let me try to explain to you guys something, alright? Sheldon’s like, “yeah, we have basically all the ingredients at home, right?” But what he doesn’t know is that there are two kinds of flours you need. One is called the mung bean flour, and the other called the millet flour. Running into a bit of a problem right now. We can’t find the one I want. He’s going for it. Oh, Mike sees it. It’s in here somewhere. Oh this one, mung bean. Mung bean starch. This is what makes or breaks your jianbing. And I’m not sharing this with Sheldon if he asks. Let’s see what you get. We’re gonna make the best jianbing ever. I need millet flour, but they don’t have that here, so I’m gonna get cornmeal. Next thing we need is mung bean flour. Alright, so now we got the mung bean. Now he’s having a heated conversation. The internet says I need… They don’t have what you want, Mike. I’m gonna make my own millet flour. Mike, you’re gonna grind this into flour? Found our sauce. This will make it absolutely delicious. Anything for Edward, right? Now he’s trying to flatter me to get extra brownie points. How does my coat look? He said my coat looks fabulous. Here. Five-spice powder. Oh my god, this is the secret ingredient.. Five-spice. So this is fermented bean curd? Oh, okay okay. This guy’s literally getting a lesson about fermented bean curd from this lady. Alright, cause I know Edward doesn’t like spicy, so I had to make sure it wasn’t spicy. I got you. Hey Edward, are you a cilantro or a green onion kinda guy? Dude, I can’t tell you, man. That’s cheating. So we got the green onions. Not the cilantro. I know. I feel like this is more of a test of true friendship, instead of cooking skills. Whatever I want, they’ll just get. Youtiao, secret ingredient. Every jianbing needs a crispy touch to it. I love it. And I didn’t even tell him that. He actually knew. Alright, so we got a lettuce, and one last ingredient. I’ll do spam. Are we gonna go with Mala spam? Yeah. He got this instead. And guys, we’re done. Alright, we’re back at the house now. We’re starting with Mike cooking for me. What have you got, Mike? Little millet…like little beans, but then you have to grind them into actual flour. Do you even have cilantro though? You don’t know anything about Edward’s taste. Do they know my taste buds or not? Let’s make your bland jianbing. I’m just gonna yawn here. He’s gonna yawn. Alright Sheldon, it’s your turn now. What do you have for me? Alright, we got the winning combination right here, alright? I got the bacon. His face is stressed. I think it’ll be a piece of cake. Edward, I’m about to give you the feast of your life. Let’s go. Let’s get started. So we’re gonna first turn this into flour by grinding it up. The blender bottle. Mike, man. Wait. Just the consistency that I wanted. Show me the flour. He’s got a ring of flour. This is mung bean starch. Now we add some all-purpose flour. Another eyeball flour. About 128 grams of flour. Mike, you’re actually eyeballing things, bro. Mike, do you remember what happened last time you made bread, when you eyeball stuff? You get raw dough. Yeah, I got raw dough last time. Yep, that’s exactly what you want. That’s exactly what you want. Cut the green onions now. Daaaaaamn! Sometimes you’ll make the mistake of dicing it too small, but then you don’t get the green onion flavour. And fuse in the jianbing. The cilantro. Youtiao. Wow Edward, this is gonna blow your mind. What should I say? What should I say? Blow your taste buds. So the youtiao, wow. Did you just cough on my youtiao? I said the…the roll looks so strong! I literally saw you coughing on the youtiao. Exactly 4 slices with do. Beautiful. I’m gonna put the flour and blend it in the magic bullet. The key to doing this and mixing it well is actually adding water in moderation. Look at his flour! Wait wait, look at it! It’s stuck on the top there, look. It’s still stuck. That’s nasty, man. No, this is the exact consistency we want. Dude dude, come on, dude. Look at this. Not to liquidy, and not too much dough. What? Slice. Wait, is that sashimi? Yeah. Okay. You know what? Actually come. Come watch and learn. I’ll teach you a few things about cooking jianbing actually. You think I need to learn from you, dude? It’s oil. I know, but it’s amazing. It smells amazing. It’s oil. So now, I’m gonna start cooking the actual jianbing. You wanna prep it. By putting the pan directly on the circle, if you leave it like this, a little bit off, this side of the pan will heat, and this side will be a little cold. Today, how to put a pan on the stove. Thank you. Is this jianbing? Oh, I see why! Okay, I screwed up. Now we need to get a second go at it. It needs to be poured around in a circle, and then spread across very evenly. Mike’s last chance. Mike, you’re about to do like a brain transplant and transfer on that one. I’m gonna salvage this. Organ transplant. Mike is from northern China, okay? He knows what he’s doing. Look at this! Perfect! He’s putting an egg on it right now! You’re actually hilarious, dude. I don’t know how I feel about this right now. Sweet bean sauce goes on the other side. And put some spam on. A little bit of lettuce here. Should I have it ready for you? No, it should be ready for your turn. Mike, should I have it ready for you? It should be ready for your turn. Alright, youtiao is coming out. Put it over there. You gonna fold it? Yeah. Is that an omelette? It’s an omelette, bro. You made an omelette. Yeah, you made an omelette, bro. Plate? That’s already reserved for yours! Why are you gonna put in mine? The garbage can diss began. Mike, you need a plate, right? And then… that… That’s a wrap for the omelette. Mike. I gotta applaud you at the decent recovery. Amazing recovery! So the way it works is actually 3:1:1 ratio. 13 spoons of all-purpose flour. Sometimes when you cook off instinct, it actually tastes the best. 9. 10. Will Edward have to wait till next year to eat you reckon? Alright now, it’s 60 grams of the other flours. This is the mung bean starch. I’m so happy that mine is so accurately measured. Sure. 3. 4. I’ll add a little bit more. I do appreciate Sheldon’s precise measuring. It makes me feel very valued. So that is my perfect ratio of 3:1:1. Now, the next step is 1 teaspoon of five-spice powder. If this powder is actually amazing, Mike, you would have missed out on the key ingredient. What? Oh my goodness. So now, we need 420 grams of water. Look, he’s pouring water all too immediately without even trying to mix it. And now, he’s gonna get clumps of flour in there. I’m not sure if you’re making jianbing or jianbing rocks. Wow, that is mighty flour in there, isn’t it? Wait, is Edward supposed to drink that? This looks pretty disgusting, dude. I don’t know if I want to eat this anymore, dude. Look at this, this is… It’s not even mixed! Raw flour! Honestly, Sheldon, I believed in you at the start, now it kinda looks like barf. Oh yeah, I forgot that we had a magic bullet at home. So now I’m gonna use that. Oh I see, you’re gonna use that. So we’re gonna mix this up. This looks like a nice smoothie. It tastes like raw flour, dude. Now, the next step. I’m actually gonna prepare my sauce. He’s gonna use the classic fermented bean curd plus… You’re gonna realise… You actually need to balance the sweet bean sauce with some sugar. Balance sweetness with sweetness? I don’t know if he’s making savoury food or dessert tonight. It’s 2 tablespoons, but I know Edward does not like things too sweet. So I’m gonna put a little bit less. Another point for Sheldon. Tofu paste. Sheldon, are you playing an instrument right now? This actually might be the game changer for Sheldon. It’s pretty interesting. That’s exactly what I wanted to say. Just like how my great-grandfather used to make it back in Beijing. Really? Yeah. Do you have a great-grandfather from Beijing? Yeah. My great great great great great grandfather. Wait, did you know that jianbing is actually created from Tianjin, not Beijing? I know. Whose grandfather came from Tianjin and then went to Beijing? You didn’t realise, right? And then…and then move to Beijing. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. So now, the final steps of preparation. Just gonna cut up my lettuce. Wait, I guess I’ll have to make some for you too, right? Cause I know you don’t want to eat… whatever you’re making. So I’m gonna make you some too. I guess I have to feed your girlfriend too, cause when she tries yours, she’ll probably want to break up with you. Got him! Look at him. Now I just gotta cut up the green onions. Alright. You told me like, it’s been a while since you’ve been to China, and you kinda miss, you know, like all the foods there. Yeah, I do miss it. To be able to serve that to you makes me so happy, alright? So let’s go. Wait, is this a stand-up comedy session? Or like is this an actual thing? I can’t tell. Okay, let’s go. Part 2 of Sheldon’s. Just put a little bit– Copy my technique. So it doesn’t stick. Pouring it up. Oh my god! It’s actually turning into a jianbing thing. With the sides kinda like… I’m actually amazed by myself. Mike, are you wowing as well? No, it’s… He can’t get it off the…he can’t get it off the pan. Sheldon, what do you want me to do? Eat off the pan, Sheldon? Sheldon doesn’t understand the technique, man. Sheldon. Sheldon, what are you gonna do now? Nice. …The top, cook a little bit too. Man, I don’t know what you’re trying to– What are you doing, Sheldon? This doesn’t fit. Egg crack no. 1. Edward, don’t you feel like you’re in Tianjin right now or something like that? Alright, so while it’s going, I’m going to make the bacon now. Put 3. I guess I gotta feed your girlfriend too, right? Cause she’s gonna puke after eating your thing. You know how long mine has been waiting in the oven for? Trash waits half an hour, trash waits 2 hours, doesn’t make a difference. Your trash is a 3-hour trash. His jokes about trash is now going back to Sheldon. Trash doesn’t mind how long it waits. 3, 2, 1. Oh my god. I’m actually really excited for Sheldon’s. I’m not worried at all. Way too oversauced, it’s so quick. Put some of those green onions in. It’s actually amazing. That bacon looks pretty good. Edward, you’re actually in for a treat. Oh yeah, I forgot. Spicy seafood flavour, Mike. Woah, seafood? Got chips, got bacon. Fold both sides in, like this, and then you do a double fold. There’s no way you have enough area to fold it like 3 times. Oh my god, Sheldon. You’re gonna have to copy my folding technique. Wait, I want to see his folding technique. Nice. Sheldon’s sweating now. He’s sweating. I fold it up like this. So this is your final presentation? You might as well just flip the whole thing right now and take it out on the presentation. What do you mean? This is beautiful. This is the definition of beautiful? Yeah, it’s beautiful. Sheldon, is this it? This is it. Sheldon’s dish. Alright, let’s go to the table, and crown a winner. Alright guys, I’m really excited. You guys did a great job. Moment of truth, you got 2. Edward, okay. Let me introduce you my dish, okay? Alright. This is called the sweet flour jianbing, right? So you have a dash of sauce, just in case you feel it’s not flavourful enough. I recommend you take a bite from this corner. Alright. Because I feel like that will get the most taste inside. Edward, enjoy the omelette. I gotta say the presentation is okay. I like how the presentation has a purpose. The corner. Trash jianping. I see a smile of happiness in there. He’s like “holy s*** that flour is dry.” I taste a lot of the spam. The spam is very overpowering. The dough is extremely thick. Do you think this one taste different? Nah, it probably tastes the same. It probably tastes the same. Youtiao in there for crunchiness, right? But the issue is that it’s not crunchy, because your sauce makes it not crunchy. I know I know, but you have to understand is that Sheldon took so long with his, that my stuff lost his crunch. Mike, yours was in the oven. You have to take that into consideration too. His was in the oven the whole time. I’m gonna try Sheldon’s. What is with this presentation? I want it to feel like you are on the streets on Tianjin, you know what I mean? Cause that’s how it is, right? It’s street snack. So the lines here kinda symbolise like moving forward. Okay. I like how it stays together. That’s crispy firm texture there. I wanna try it. Let me try some of the bacon as well. Really has that Tianjin feel, right? Wow! Where’s the crisp coming from? There are so many sources. I don’t know if it’s from the chips or the bacon or the vegetables. It’s actually from all 3. He put more sauce in there. Yet it’s not soggy. I actually want to eat more of this. Wait till you go to the bathroom after, Edward. Let me have a bite. This is good, man. This is such a hearty meal. It’s very clear. To me, Mike’s plate wins some presentation. Sheldon, you…tried. It’s a nice story but that just looks like smeared poop. The thing is that your crust is way too thick and not crunchy. I also think that your choice of meat is wrong, because it’s not crunchy. Bacon is just naturally more crunchy than spam is. The taste for this is really overpowering from the spicy ham. The spam, sorry. It’s superior in terms of appearance, but inferior in terms of taste, so this goes for a… 2 stars out of 5. Out of 5, man. Okay. Whereas Sheldon’s, appearance brought down the points, but it’s just such an amazing delicious dish. It would have been 4.5, but because of the appearance like this, I give it a 4. Your jianbing champion is…Sheldon! Mike! I have to admit, that’s pretty good. I’m gonna give it to you. Thank you guys for watching today’s video, also big thanks to our pengyous on Patreon for supporting us. You guys helped us so much to get all the ingredients, to make these cooking challenges. All thanks to you guys. You guys out there who are interested in Patreon, the link is down below in the description box, please check it out, it means a lot to us. Like always, remember to smash that like button, and comment down below what you want to see us make next time. And if you haven’t yet, hit the subscribe button, and notification bell, otherwise you’ll miss our next challenge, where Edward… …makes absolutely terrible food. I’m gonna kill it. I haven’t lost a cooking challenge to date. Until next time, goodbye.