Hello Friends, Welcome to Veggiedelights Today we are going to prepare Veg Hakka Noodles just like restaurant style Ingredients required for preparing noodles Hakka Noodles- 1 Pack Spring Onion- Handful (Chopped) Green Chilli- 4 (Chopped) Cabbage- Handful (Chopped in Julians) Onion- 1 Big (Chopped) Carrot- 1 (Chopped in Julians) Capsicum- (Chopped in Julians) Sauces:
Red Chilli, Soya Sauce- 1 Tspn each Vinegar- 1-2 Tspn, Green Chilli, Tomato Sauce- 1 Tspn Pepper- 1 Tspn (As per Choice) Salt- 1 Tspn (As per Choice) Oil- 2-3 Tbspn Process 1: Boil Noodles adding Salt & Oil- 1 Tspn Let’ Start Keep a Pan on Gas stove half full with water and make it hot Add Oil- 1 Tspn Add Salt- 1 Tspn Mix Oil and salt in water by stirring Add Noodles in boil water Cover with lid and wait till it boils and get soft Noodles boiled in 8 minutes in boiled water Switch off gas and drain the noodles After drain, wash it in normal water to avoid stickiness Process 2: Start preparing Hakka Noodles I am using Iron Kadai (Pan), you can use Non-stick Pan Normally in Restaurants, you can see Noodles is prepared in Iron Utensils on full flame and to make it better. Add Oil- 2-3 Tbspn and wait till it get hot Add Onion and stir it continuously till it fried (1 min) Add Capsicum and fry it for 1-2 minutes Add Carrot and fry it for 1 Minute Add Capsicum and fry it for 1 Minute Add Spring Onion and fry it for 1 minute Add Green Chilli and fry it for 1-2 Minutes Add Pepper as per your taste Add Salt as per taste and mix it properly Add Noodles and mix it properly with all vegetables Use 2 Table spoons, you can mix it better Add some more salt as per taste Add some more Pepper as per taste and mix it Add Soya Sauce-1 Tspn Add Vinegar- 1 Tspn Add Green Chilli Sauce- 1 Tspn Add Red Chilli sauce- 1 Tspn Mix all sauces properly with Noodles Add Tomato sauce- 1 Tspn and mix it Noodles are ready to serve Switch off gas and shift into Bowl Veg Chowmein/Veg Hakka Noodles is ready Same Restaurant taste will come, please try it Please share your comments, it is valuable for us. Please subscribe my channel Bye and Take care, Thank you