Hey you lovely people, this is me Varun
Inamdar and welcome to Indian Food Central. Well today I present to you Nilza’s Ladakhi Kitchen powered by St. Angelo’s VNCT ventures. Well, Nilza needs no introduction because
she has already taught us so much of Ladakhi food. Today what she’s gonna show
us is a very special tea called Gur Gur Cha and gur gur cha, for all of you
who do not know, is actually butter tea. Salted tea. Well that makes it very interesting because in this part of the world we
have chai which has milk and sugar, yeah. But yeah this part of the world there is
milk, butter and salt. That’s super interesting. Let’s begin, gur gur cha. So the first thing is of course a pan and water. How much is there like a proportion
that you generally follow? Now we are making for 2 cups. Ok. So almost one and a half cup water. Ok. I’m sure these are Tibetan green
leaves, but of course for all of us across the globe, what do we use? Can we
use green tea instead? Yeah. That would be the closest equivalent I feel
and this also has a very earthy unique aroma to it. Can I taste this as well? Nice. So it’s..it’s..it’s..it’s like a green
tea, I wouldn’t say it’s just the green tea because of course it has a very
different level of earthiness and flavor to it I think that’s very interesting. So
this now comes on roll boil? Yeah. So half an hour and then you reach this stage.
The leaves are strained and then can we begin now? Yeah. So we’ll keep this on another
flame here, let it bubble around to glory for another half an hour and let’s move
on to actually making the Gur Gur Chai. Right? So let’s begin with that. We are
going to use 1/2 cup of decoction. Superb. So now that’s come to roll boil, the
next step is? Now we add the milk. Okay, this is regular milk? Regular milk. Okay.
Again by approximation. Right. Okay. Now we add the salt, which makes it so
interesting and finally… and chef this is very good for high altitude sickness. Okay. Yes.
You know they say that you know when of course you reach places like Leh and
Ladakh and you’re not used to those kind of climates you know you need to kind of
take a little bit of a breather, to kind of acclimatize yourself to the
weather conditions. So in her opinion this is the chai that actually kind of
brings you to that kind of parity, of balance of the weather. So I think that’s
brilliant, brilliant! Now it’s done. Done? Done. And I think by
the time this is ready, this still hasn’t kind of reached this color. No. So like she
rightly says this has to go on for at least half an hour, but for us the Gur Gur
chai is done and ready. So how do you serve this? We serve this in wooden cup.
So that’s a cute looking wooden cup. Which is so nice and I’m sure
it’s…so Nilza has got a lot of these local…yeah…tools and apparatuses for us. That makes it so interesting. So there goes in the
Gur Gur Cha. With this ladies and gentlemen, the
Gur Gur Cha is done and ready and I’m not going to leave this kitchen without
tasting this beautiful cha, of course made by Nilza for all of us. Well I’ve had it before and I’ve had it
from her hands in the Alchi kitchen at Ladakh and let me tell you this is just
no different, it’s just the same. Thank you so much Nilza. Thank you so much. For all
the time that you’ve taken for us. Thank you so much. To teach us or take us through this
special Ladakhi food. Thank you so much. For all of you ladies and gentlemen do
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