Hello friends today i am in Jamnagar for tasting
Gujarati thali, I am at the hotel president. here we have Mr. Hitesh Bhatt owner of the
hotel celebration. he will going to tell us about the journey of hotel celebration. how
they become celebration from the chetna. we have started the hotel celebration in 2005,
since 10 years we have started this hotel and we are serving Guajarati thali, pure Guajarati
thali, in that we serve 3 (three) sabji, 1 dal, 1 kadhi Guajarati kadhi, 1 farsan and
1 sweet. typical dal and rice also. this is our father’s business and we are doing this
for last 50 years. known for Guajarati thali, typical Guajarati thali and we are serving
best Guajarati thali in Jamnagar. this is a complete Guajarati thali which looks
like a royal treat. in this we have 3 curries (sabji), one is authentic potato curry or
potato sabji, this is masala bhindi or you can call it masala ladyfinger, third one is
val, we call it val sabji. this one is kadhi the world famous Guajarati kadhi which is
made from the besan. here we have sweet dish the fruit salad. this is a very unique thing
which you can get in only Gujarat. this is known as gota or fulavda, this is made from
besan flour, inside it have green leaves like fenugreek leaves and green chilies, here we
have fulka roti, dal and puri. here are the three different chutneys one is typical Guajarati
style garlik chutney, second is date sweet chutney and third one is very popular green
chutney which is served with many kinds of Indian fast foods.
first a fall I am going to start with okra or ladyfinger which is the fried curry it
is one of the delicious Guajarati curry made from the okra and some ground spices. it has
a unique Guajarati flavor which you can get only in Gujarat. when you put in mouth it
feels like chewee but ultimately it gives good taste of all the masala and it is one
of the best dish in Guajarati thali. now I am going to taste kadhi which is made from
the besan and buttermilk, it behaves a very unique taste, it has a balanced taste little
bit sweet, salty and sour. I think it is the real Guajarati food which we are looking for.
this is the fulka or you can call it roti. this is the thing which you heaven’t seen
yet this is called gota or fulavda, it is a very unique Guajarati food, made from besan
and some leafy vegetables and then deep fried it, it goes good with any other chutneys or
souses that you have. it is crunchy from outside and absolutely spongy from inside and very
much similar like khaman dhokla. it have same structure but crispy at outside. at the end
of the meal Gujarat’s like dal and bhat (rice) almost every time. it is typical Guajarati
style dal bhat and almost everybody in their house like to cook dal bhat for the lunch.
this is a very good dish, I recommend everybody to eat this because it is light not spicy
and it has a balanced taste dish sweet, sour and salty. everybody in the world can eat
this dish.