Namaskar, welcome to indian food made easy If you like my video, then please press Subscribe below Do press the bell icon so you don’t miss any of my new videos We will make cauliflower parathas today The way i will make cauliflower paratha, they will be very tasty and crispy For gobi paratha recipe we will boil gobi (cauliflower) which will clean the gobi and parathas will be delicious Amount of quantity used in this video will make 8 to 10 parathas Firstly chop cauliflower We won’t be using cauliflower stems for parathas Add chopped cauliflower in a pan Water Add salt and boil it By the time cauliflower boils up, meanwhile we will prepare rest of the ingredients Cut green chilies and onion, and chop together in a chopper When cauliflower is boiled and cools off, add it in chopper and chop it Squeeze and drain all the water from chopped cauliflower Knead the flour, chop coriander, and gather all these ingredients for gobi ka paratha recipe Add chopped cauliflower in a mixing bowl Add chopped onion Coriander Garam masala Dry mango powder Salt Crush and ass celery seeds Mix well everything together Its ready to be filled in parathas Make small ball of kneaded flour and roll it flat using dry flour Apply some refined oil and add filling to it And seal the paratha Apply some dry flour on both sides again and roll it flat to make paratha Heat up a flat pan Apply a little oil when it heats up Cook paratha on the heated pan Apply oil on both sides of paratha to make it crispy and delicious Gobi ka paratha is ready Serve paratha with butter Curd And some pickle I hope you liked my video Please press like and subscribe below And do check out my other videos Thank you