yeah okay I wanted to show you my
absolute favorite healthy fall treat it’s a plum Apple bake it only requires
just a few ingredients and I’m gonna walk you through it I’m going to show
you how simple this is to make I’ve been eating it almost every day for the past
two or three weeks that’s how much I love it my kids love it and I love to
top it off with some vegan coconut whipped cream I’ve done a video about
that years ago it’s a very it’s not very good quality I think it was like
originally a periscope video then I uploaded it to YouTube so I will show
you quickly how to make it because it’s so simple so I got this little apple
coring thing I just found it on Amazon it’s the easiest way to do this and I
don’t remove the skins either because that also requires a lot more time and I
don’t mind the texture of the skins also they have a lot more vitamins in them so
I like to keep them on but most recipes for Apple bakes suggests that you peel
off the skins but I’m all about efficiency and doing it as create making
healthy meals as quickly as possible as I’ve mentioned in my other meal prepping
videos that I like to make a lot at one time because it saves me time so I make
this I’ve been making it for the last month or so I think like once a week and
I pretty much eat a little bit of it every day of the week sometimes even
twice a day like some of my kids like it some of them don’t so usually I get to
eat most of it just cut the apples first this is the quickest way I do it I will start adding the apples to this
but first I’m gonna spray it with a little bit of coconut oil now for the plums these are also from
our tree and we had so many of them and I couldn’t use them in time because
plums ripen a lot quicker than apples so I froze them which makes it a whole lot
easier because I’ve already removed the seeds okay now for the batter okay I’ve
already blended up the the oatmeal so I’ve made the into oatmeal flour just
blended up some regular oatmeal this is about a cup a little bit more than a cup
but if you’ve watched my other videos you know that I’m really not into
measuring and I promise you don’t need to measure it can be slightly different
every time and it still tastes amazing and you don’t have to add these you can
do you can use just to keep it simple you can use just a mill flour but I like
to add a little bit of quinoa flour and some tapioca flour this one mainly just
to add some other kinds of vitamins and a little bit different flavor but it’s
really not necessary for the texture this one I do like for
the texture because tapioca flour makes it a little bit chewier so I like that so I just sprinkle in a little bit
not a whole lot and you can use baking powder but I like to use arrowroot in
place of baking powder yeah just sprinkle and I’m I’m guessing it’s about
a couple teaspoons and then of course you got to have lots of cinnamon and I
like a lot so I’ll put some in this mixture and no measuring and I’ll
sprinkle a little bit on the apples and then a little bit of vanilla extract you
guys measuring is so overrated you do not need to measure I’m guessing I use
about a cup of this almond um the almond milk but actually first add the coconut
oil because it’s easier to mix if you do and I think I use about 1/4 cup 1/4 cup of coconut oil you can even use
ghee butter which I love has an amazing flavor and there’s there’s no lactose in
ghee butter so I like to just add a little bit of both cuz gives it a good
flavor but again you don’t need to add all these different kinds of ingredients
the main angry important ingredients are some kind of oil or butter some kind of
flour and some kind of liquid so you can decide you can use water instead of
almond milk you can use regular milk instead of almond milk you can use
regular flour but I’m trying to make this as healthy as possible and use
gluten-free lactose-free ingredients and then for the sugar I use a mixture again
a mixture combination but you can use all stevia or all coconut palm sugar or
date sugar whatever kind of alternative sugar that you like and I just like to
combine the two it’s a little clumpy no problemo
just break it up so I think I use about 1/4 cup I don’t think you need a whole
lot of sugar because the apples and the plums are already so sweet and then I’ll
mix this up again a little bit more before I add the almond milk just so
it’s not super clumpy with the oil I add a little sprinkle of salt I added about a cup of that and we’re
gonna top it by sprinkling a little bit of oatmeal and walnuts I love adding you
can add pecans or almonds any kind of nuts to sprinkle over the top because it
adds like it a nice crunchiness to it which I love it makes it taste more like
a real apple crisp you know with the crunch that you get from adding a lot of
butter and sugar hi Shawn okay now just chopped up the walnuts and
now I just sprinkle them over the top and then I like to spray a little bit of
the coconut oil over the top so just so it stays moist while it bakes I’m gonna
make the coconut whipped cream it’s super easy just get two cans or more
sometimes I do three cans at once just depending on how much you think you’ll
use for the week because it only lasts about five days in the refrigerator so
you put this in the refer to the refrigerator for like a few hours so
that it can separate and you’ll get the chunk of the the cream separating from
the milk and sometimes I will open up a can and there will be this little oil
film over the top and you do not want that in your coconut cream because it
will be very clumpy you’ll get like clumps of this hard oil so usually it
it’s when you put it in the refrigerator separates and it’s just usually on the
top as you can see it kind of just crumbles off and this is like the oil
the coconut oil so you don’t want that in your cream so just set that aside see
that film you just got it get it off see and then underneath that’s the cream
that’s the yummy part so I’m just gonna make sure I get all of
that out first and then gently scoop out the cream part you’ll see there is the
milk and you don’t you just need a little bit of this but mostly you just
want the cream and I can see that there’s still a little bit of this oil
on the edges so I’m going to make sure I get that off there cut most of it now
I’m just gonna drizzle a little bit in there and you can if you don’t want to
waste this you can use this the milk in smoothies add cinnamon there’s lots of
different ways that you can make this coconut cream you can add lemon zest
with maple syrup and it’s so good I like to use that one on top of like fresh
fruit but for like a baked like an apple baked like what we’re making today I
like it to have cinnamon and vanilla and you can you can use stevia or you can
use 100% pure maple syrup to sweeten it you can use any kind of sweetener really
now you just blend it up wanted to remind you guys about my free meal plan
available for anyone who wants to go download it from my website just so ii
wanna be balanced calm / meal plan i have like a one-week blueprint a lot of
people ask me what kinds of things i eat on a daily basis and those are all my
ideas plus i’ve got quite a few other youtube
videos sharing more of my daily and weekly diet look at that so good
no doesn’t that look delicious this is my favorite by the way you can totally
eat this cold this is just fresh out of the oven but I for the rest of the week
will just eat it cold with the coconut whipped cream and it is to die for